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I breathe in Love,
I breathe out Love

Breathwork / Energetic Cleansing / Energy Recharge / Releasing Tensions in the Body / Calming the Mind / Improving Sleep Quality / Clearing the Breathing Process / Improving Digestion / Balancing Hormonal System / Enhancing Memory

For everyone, breathing is such a natural activity that we don't even consider it. It comes to us entirely subconsciously. We only notice it when problems arise. Yet, it is primarily our breath that keeps us alive.

What will happen if you start paying attention to your breath and manage it consciously?

In the past, controlled breathing practices were a secret of yogis, and we could only admire their superhuman abilities. Their breathing techniques, known as pranayamas, are translated from Sanskrit as a combination of words: "prana," meaning life force, and "yama," meaning control. It translates loosely as controlling life force energy. Long life, good health, and the magical powers for which yogis are famous were also a result of practicing conscious breathing.

In modern times, science has returned to the topic of the power of breath, seeking effective therapeutic tools for many areas of life. Numerous studies and ongoing scientific research have proven the diverse benefits of using breathing techniques for the human body and mind.


The most common benefits include the following areas:

  1. Releasing toxic emotions like anger or resentment,

  2. Supporting good sleep,

  3. Recharging with positive energy,

  4. Improving respiration,

  5. Calming the mind.

There is a scientific approach, and I want to share my personal experience as a clairvoyant person about what working with breath at the energy level gives me.


Here are a few benefits:

  1. Enhancement of self-awareness on the levels of body, mind, and soul,

  2. Quickly entering the state of being in the present moment,

  3. Grounding oneself,

  4. Exiting the state of mental overload, clearing the chaos in the mind,

  5. Swift energetic recharge, awakening Kundalini,

  6. Easy entry into balance, or a state of harmony,

  7. Cleansing and strengthening one's energy field, also known as aura.


If you want to experience 30 minutes of conscious breathing, ask yourself:


  • What is bothering you in your body now?

  • What do I want to achieve?

  • What state do I desire?

It could be an emotion, thought, body tension, energy drop, or even a physical ailment. We intend to quickly and effectively release unnecessary states through breath. Over time, you will learn these simple techniques to breathe consciously on your own. We focus on self-awareness, acceptance, and letting go. Working with breath is an effective therapy supporting psychological therapies by reaching the body.

Like in any therapy, there are contraindications, so it's important to inform me about any existing risks before the session. It is not recommended for individuals with impaired cardiovascular function, those who have undergone surgeries, pregnant individuals, or those in certain psychiatric states. Every therapy is meant to help you, so we approach it consciously. The session is purely focused on breathing.

I have been practicing conscious breathing for over 20 years. My first experience was learning and using the rebirthing breath technique since 2004, which I effectively incorporated into regression sessions. I also practice pranayama techniques as part of being a Hatha Yoga/Vinyasa 200 RYT teacher, so they are a norm for me. I have been Breathwork Practitioner Fundamentals following the teachings of Dan Brulé and Susan Church in Dublin. Give yourself a journey within by managing your breath, and you will see changes within yourself.

Every inhale brings in positivity, every exhale releases doubt.

I am the architect of my reality with each breath I take.

My breath is my anchor to the now_

With every inhale, I draw in strength; with every exhale, I let go of fear.

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