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Déjà Vu: Memory of Previous Incarnations

How often do you feel like you know a place even though you have never been there before? How many times have you been surprised by your own logically unjustified emotional reaction of anger or joy upon meeting a new person? You often find yourself amazed that upon arriving in Greece, you feel at home, but the thought of traveling to Egypt gives you goosebumps, discouraging you from visiting. It's similar to people. Sometimes, even at work, someone is very kind, but you still feel you can't trust them. It might be due to memories of past lives. 

Scientifically, déjà vu (from French, "already seen") is explained as the sensation that a situation has occurred before, though there are no concrete proofs. Research shows that most people experiencing it are young, between the ages of 15 and 25. There are numerous scientific explanations for this phenomenon, ranging from brain function disorders to the impact of severe stress on perception or a precursor to an epileptic seizure. Nothing metaphysical.

Let's start from the beginning with Paul Verlaine's 1873 poem "Kaleidoscope," the first to use the term déjà vu, which has remained untranslated in every language worldwide. What visions did this accursed French poet feel:

... On the street of dreams, in the heart of a dreamed city,

It will be as if we have lived something once before:

The mistiness and clarity of that unique moment...

Oh, that rising sun, growing above the mists!

Oh, that cry over the sea, that call in the forests!

It will be as if one does not know causes or goals:

The soul slowly awakens after many wanderings:

Things will be more the same than yesterday..."

Of course, literature experts might attribute these visions to the copious consumption of absinthe, a hallucinogenic drink popular at the time. However, we also have our experiences, completely sober. The term soon entered scientific terminology related to medicine and psychology.

Thousands of years ago, ancient Masters also spoke of this phenomenon, directly linking it to the law of reincarnation or memory from previous incarnations. The dialogues of Socrates with his students, described by Plato, include an example of a slave boy who demonstrated unexpected wisdom despite his low social status. This written account is evidence of a high awareness of spiritual phenomena. Ancient Eastern and Western civilizations never had an issue with the phenomenon of reincarnation and its manifestations. It changed 2000 years ago because the topic was not profitable for those in power, and it remains so. Our growing consciousness is breaking these old Matrix dogmas.

Let's consider this phenomenon from an energetic point of view. I distinguish the following explanations:

  1. When you are in a particular place, your aura scans the energy around you. Sometimes, a specific object, sound, or smell is enough to activate the memory of previous incarnations. It can trigger memories stored in your subconscious. I have been conducting workshops for ten years where we travel through India, Egypt, or Greece. I have noticed that being in ancient places, even today, regression or breathwork sessions yield the fastest results. The memory of previous incarnations activates after just a few breaths, allowing for quicker release from toxic patterns from the past, bringing us body relaxation and mental calming. Here, we are simply dealing with a heightened perception of the place's energy, which recalls memories of past lives.

  2. It’s the memory from your dreams. When you travel at night, consciously or unconsciously, you can visit different realms, both natural and from other dimensions. We know we live in a multidimensional world. The fact that you are reading this article now means you are in this world now. What happens to you at night, even if you might not remember? Sleep is our second life. So, when something reminds you of a place, it could be a sign that you have seen it during your nightly astral travels.

In conclusion, everything is absolutely fine when you feel you know something unknown. Accept your heightened perception of the world and take care of it by cleansing your energy. These are your energetic powers.

Master René Magritte and his painting : Time Transfixed. Sure, deja vu transfixes time 😍

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