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Know yourself – regressing sessions as a method of holistic therapy.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

To begin with, I cannot force you to believe in reincarnation. Interestingly enough, 8 percent of the world, as this is the percentage Europe takes, preaches their only dogma about no possible incarnations and imposes that on others. At the same time, the remaining old civilizations consider our journey through consecutive incarnations as an integral part of life on earth.

At the bottom of your heart, ask yourself whether there would be a point in creating a perfect immortal Soul only to experience the world of matter just once ?

holistic therapy regressing sessions
Belief in reincarnation.

Do you feel that you were born here as a one-off case only to eat, sleep, defecate, work to pay off your loans, and serve others, and after your death, go… well, hell knows where?

There inevitably comes a moment in life when you have had enough. And so, you wonder what is going on around you and why you have to go through such a mess in your life and in yourself. You try to manage all this reality with the help of your mind following the rule; I think, therefore, I am. And yet, our biological computers are just like any defective machine. Trust me, and I have been there myself. Despite being born a clairvoyant, I used to follow my own rule: I know better. At times like that, you ask a fundamental question: why does it keep happening to me? Well, we need to remember that here on earth, our egos are inextricably connected with our minds, as our animal instincts have developed a “bastard” called “ego.” Such is our human experience. But when you follow the path of your ego, sooner or later, it will lead you to the edge. That may be a financial crisis or poverty, emotional – through toxic moods, and physical – through illness.

The ancient Egyptian and Greek temples in Delphi still announce: Know yourself. They inspire us to go deeper on the body, mind, and soul levels. It is in this trinity that we experience our lives on earth. Always in a hurry, emotionally unstable, and unwell, you do not think about it daily. However, the wise Universe directs us with countless daily happenings and inspires us to be more open to new solutions. So the mind is essential but does not know all the answers. And when you dive deeper into your feelings, your soul's stories will appear, quite possibly from an illogical but equally valid plane. My work with previous lives by holistic therapy regressing sessions may be one tool that can help you get to know yourself in your present life.

I invite you to take a look at my page about regression sessions here, and also, I invite you to make contact with me here.

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