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What is in you is also outside of you. That is the Power of Man.

Updated: Feb 8

I intentionally transformed a well-known esoteric quote: "As above, so below," into a version closer to our understanding. The history of Hermetic principles is challenging to prove, and their creator, Hermes Trismegistus, is surrounded more by legend than scientific evidence. He is often compared to the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth, and later to his Greek counterpart, Hermes. However, what's crucial is that his principles, initially found in the Emerald Tablets, transferred their wisdom to a work called the Kybalion. It is fundamental reading for anyone consciously seeking to understand the world and oneself from a spiritual perspective. Simple principles provide a quick understanding of life in matter from the energy perspective. He brilliantly connected them!

Everything is vibration, another Hermetic principle that has proven to be true with the development of science. Therefore, every thought, emotion, or action we have possesses a specific vibration with a measurable frequency. Even our physical body can be measured in frequency to reveal its true vibration. Since we are composed of body, mind, and soul, the sum of their vibrations constitutes our true vibration. It is often said that someone has positive energy, and we feel good around them. It indicates that a person vibrates at a high frequency, meaning their body, mind, and soul together emit a high vibration. Let's now consider what specific factors can burden us.

The mind is known as a handy, biological computer. We need it to function in the material world. We don't destroy or condemn it; we consciously manage it to support our development. It is a part of each of us and is essential. Nature abhors a vacuum, so we must also use it. It becomes burdened by all toxic mental views, whether borrowed from external sources like religious, familial, or societal dogmas or our conclusions that, combined with ego, create toxic mental convictions, such as thinking we know better or even best. The Greek philosopher Socrates stated, "I know that I am intelligent because I know that I know nothing," challenging the entire belief system of the Matrix in the power of the mind. In reality, he says, "Keep an open mind!" Exactly! The vibration of your thoughts and beliefs is the mind's low, medium, or high-frequency energy.

The physical body can be simplified into a collection of chemical compounds in constant, mutual processes. It also has its vibration, dependent on the quality of consumed food and overall health. It's no surprise that a sick person is essentially an energy vampire, needing energy to recover, often taking it, even subconsciously, from others. That's why people working in hospices or care homes often feel not only physically but also mentally exhausted. They are, in fact, grappling with giving away their energy. The quality of the food consumed also affects the body's vibration. There is talk now about "light" or high-vibrational food produced in clean areas of our earth. However, remember that your eating style should be healthy for you. All trends, even with good intentions, can end tragically. What is good for you may not be healthy for others. Let's seek and adapt because life dislikes stagnation. The vibration of a healthy, agile body, free from heavily processed foods and meat, is undoubtedly high.

Energetic Soul is the vibration of our biofield. You may consider yourself saintly in this life, but energy doesn't lie because you carry toxic karmic patterns from past incarnations. These can be astral processions, karmic threads, various codes or symbols from magical practices, or other toxic accessories from your experiences in previous lives, including ancestral influences. Often, I encounter people who complain that they are so good now, so wonderful, yet things always seem to go wrong, and people don't like them. What's inside you, kitty? Everything is recorded in the field of your energy, in your subconscious, in your shadow, or carried by your gray wolf. No matter how you name it, it's essential to let it go. The best time for positive changes is now because when else will you leave it behind? Energetically, you are a whole, encompassing past, present, and future. Take care of the high vibration of your energy, known as the Soul. It's comforting to be aware of having a Higher Self, a particle of energy from the ancient Source. It doesn't need cleansing because it is already Light, Love, Wisdom, Creation, and everything of the highest vibration, which is continuously within you. Stay in constant contact with it.

The American psychiatrist David R. Hawkins developed the Map of Consciousness to recognize our emotions' vibrational levels. It indicates the vibration levels from the lowest to the highest so you can know the frequency at which a particular emotion vibrates. The intention is not to blame yourself for experiencing certain states but to awaken an understanding that low vibrational emotions attract low-quality life and physical as well as mental illnesses. Hawkins examined this through the experiences of his patients. The solution lies in working on oneself to break free from these low vibrations. Be mindful and look at the scale:

We live in extraordinary times where ancient teachings found in the Kybalion of Hermes Trismegistus find confirmation in contemporary psychological knowledge, as seen in the work of David R. Hawkins or medical knowledge known as Recall Healing, developed by biologist Gilbert Renaud. Being open to finding the best method is enough to break free from old programs. Whether you start with improving the quality of your physical or mental body, everything influences your vibration. It ultimately leads to a conscious connection with your Higher Self in the future. We look at ourselves holistically as a unity of body, mind, and Soul. The sum of the vibrations of these parts gives our true vibration. You can't deceive that. What do you have inside, my friend???

Master Leonardo da Vinci and his Vitruvian Man represent the ideal proportions of the human body. The human race is often called the Golden race by cosmic races because it carries a particle of Source energy within, which shines. They emphasize our unlimited possibilities even while living in a human body. Unfortunately, some seek to destroy this by mutating and attempting to turn us into bio-robots. Humanity is still in the process of development as a race. Nobody knows how far we will go, especially when we carry divine Light.

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