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Breathwork Online 30 Minute Meeting

Ana Kiestrzyn, English Language

  • 30 min
  • 30 euros
  • Online Meeting / Skype Meeting / WhatsApp Meeting / Messenger Meeting

Service Description

Conscious breathing therapy aims to achieve specific goals related to the body or mind. By controlling your breath according to therapy principles, you can release emotions such as stress or anger, clear your mind from excessive thoughts, or boost your energy levels. A 30-minute session is a short therapy where we use breathing techniques appropriate for the situation. We can also go deeper and enter states of heightened awareness. Some breaths cleanse the aura, open energy channels, clear the third eye, and quickly induce a meditative state. How to prepare? Prepare a topic to focus on during the breathing session. Registration for the therapy is done online, and you'll receive a Zoom link in your email automatically. Refrain from eating anything at least 2 hours before the consultation. Find a comfortable and quiet place for yourself, a chair. We start with a conversation to assess the current situation and then move on to various breathing techniques, which I will demonstrate. There is a wide variety of breathing techniques, so that we can use different types. The session concludes with a summary of the practice. Please remember the contraindications, which means you cannot participate if you are under the influence of any substances, experiencing severe psychiatric conditions, have circulatory disorders, are pregnant, or have recently undergone surgery.

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