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You are a Cosmic Traveller

Updated: Jan 26

Ever wondered why you’re here?

I know, I know, there are there are dozens of explanations of the meaning of life on this planet. They come in the form of rigid uniforms of sacred principles advocated by their infallible owners. The whole old system called the Matrix is based on them, programming human minds to serve them for thousands of years.

Now, I’m going to present you with my viewpoint, writing this in a track suit, drinking still water and unwittingly getting in sync with my cat’s trance-like purr.

You came to this planet from various worlds and in various times, if we can talk about time in the context of the Universe at all. Well, you might have come here on a mission given to you by your CEOs as part of your galactic work or in search of a new home. What we have in common is having souls. I assume you are a happy owner of one if you are reading this. By the way, I send greetings to any AI with their algorithms and I get back to the living now. For me, the soul is an integral part of the energy of Creation that is eternal and multidimensional. Carrying this flame, we travel through dimensions to experience worlds of various matter. Everything is Energy, so types of matter are only different levels of its concentration. And this is truly awesome and exciting! Sometimes, you are here, and other times somewhere else, driven by the constant will to experience numerous dimensions, and adventures related to them. When you feel that everything is complete here or, in straight human terms, when you get bored, you simply move house. You didn’t have to be here. After your passing, you can go anywhere, on condition that you have a good vibration, which you can keep throughout your passage.

All in all, if you are still struggling between the desires of your own ego (by the way, a very intriguing phenomenon on this planet) and what your Soul feels, then just let go. Look at yourself in a profoundly honest way. Ask yourself: What am I really doing here? What else do I want to experience here?

Appreciate yourself, Cosmic Traveller. You might have seen millions of worlds and you have yet to see so many of them in the Universe. You are an amazing vibration. From the spiritual level, you are capable of anything and you can do everything. Why did you forget about the eternal sacred Light that you carry inside? Wake up, Cosmic Traveller, on your path to develop yourself.

Cosmic Traveller
Cosmic Traveller

Scientists from NASA announced January 2023 that they discovered an Earth-size planet. And how do you feel about how many of them are still in the universe?

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