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Changes in relationships during times of change on Earth.

We live in incredible times of change on Earth, during which the planet is altering the frequency of its magnetic field, in which we live. The sun also has its transformation process, emitting vast amounts of energy, which comes to us in solar plasmas. All of this affects us. And we humans, as living antennas, receive it whether we want to or not. The vibration passes through everything, bringing out energies of forgotten traumas or low emotions from within us. We are also entering a transformation process.

You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to notice something strange happening within and around you. One of the things that people often notice is the rapid changes in relationships between individuals. Long-standing friendships or marriages suddenly fall apart, bringing shock and disbelief, ultimately revealing deeply buried truths. It also requires more work to maintain genuine relationships with old acquaintances. Suddenly, a neighbor becomes your enemy, and a former foe becomes your friend. The speed of emotional changes among colleagues at work, in clubs, or on the street often surprises us. We often feel we no longer resonate with a longtime acquaintance because they have changed strangely. Transformations are happening within us and in the people around us. How do we behave in the face of such rapid and intense changes?

The matter is, of course, individual for each of us. However, let's take a look at how you react to changes that occur in relationships with other people. As a conscious individual, you know that everything flows in life, especially now. You also understand the concept that every person is a mirror for us, showing us our patterns from the level of the shadow. Therefore, every low emotion towards another person you feel has offended or hurt you may be our subconscious attack to cover up the same low patterns that the other person presents. That's why it's worth asking yourself: What is this person showing me? What do I need to understand so that my relationship with them does not harm me or him?

As conscious individuals, we also don't forget that in our energetic field, we carry the memory of traumas or intense events from past incarnations, including ancestral patterns. And here is where things start to intertwine. In most of our encounters with others, these are individuals whom we subconsciously know from past incarnations. It doesn't mean they are inherently good or bad. It means that if, in this incarnation, you have an unstable relationship with a karmic person, it needs to be healed. To see the toxicity, understand it, release it, and operate from a higher level. Sometimes, this will mean leaving that person or being in contact with them on a completely different level of acquaintance. Sometimes, it's such that an old friend becomes an enemy now, and an old enemy becomes a friend. There are no rules. The human race is brilliantly unpredictable!

On an energetic level, as a clairvoyant person, you can perceive how energetic threads of past relationships with other people connect individuals. They appear like puppets, behaving as if they are being manipulated by strings serving family, spouses, or other individuals. There may also be many symbols, contracts, curses, or other signs in our field with which we are connected to other people. I always see family influences as an energy cloud that hangs behind a person. We are living antennas, so we transmit what exists within us.

We consciously or subconsciously perceive various messages from the energy field around us and act accordingly, often without deeply questioning why. Research conducted in the 1980s by American psychiatrist David R. Hawkins showed that 85 percent of American society lives by patterns from their subconsciousness. It's no wonder that the world looks the way it does. Patterns lead most people from past incarnations without more profound reflection on why they act as they do. It's reminiscent of playing a theatrical role. As Master Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage. And all the men and women merely players." Awakening consciousness is about noticing the mechanisms we operate by in life. Then comes the question: Are these my principles, or are they not mine? And when a person is ready for change, they will make it happen. But it's up to them whether it's now or in the next life. Everyone has their own time and pace of development, just like you.

In summary, accept people as they are, with their flaws, virtues, emotions, and energetic artifacts from past incarnations. We are unique. To each of us, we are a mirror, just as others are mirrors for us. Everyone also has their own pace of development. Respect the other person and their choices. Also, set your boundaries with others for your growth. True Power lies within you, and it's worth immersing yourself in.

Dublin in early spring, the heart of the city bustling with people and noise.

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