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Third Eye

Updated: Jun 26

Why is the Third Eye Important?

Have you ever wondered why the topic of the Third Eye evokes so many emotions in people? For some, it’s mere nonsense; for others, it’s powers that could make them gods; and for yet others, sudden awakenings have thrown them into a world of madness, even leading to psychiatric hospitalization.

Let’s start with scientific interpretations, which do not use esoteric terms but are based on scientific facts.

  1. The part of the Third Eye, located in the middle of the forehead, is esoterically responsible for higher consciousness, insights like clairvoyance, and analysis from various multiverse levels. Biologically, the middle of the forehead corresponds to the brain region, including the frontal lobe, specifically the prefrontal cortex. This area is responsible for a wide range of advanced cognitive functions crucial for decision-making, social behavior, personality, memory, attention, and impulse control. Sounds similar, doesn’t it?

  2. The part of the Third Eye, located on the forehead between the eyebrows, is also responsible for a broader, conscious view of the world and understanding it from the level of the multiverse. Biologically, at this level lies the pineal gland. The mystical gland, which the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce mentioned in his visions, stated that in the times of Atlantis, it was the size of a donut in humans, and now it’s the size of a pea. Officially linked to melatonin production, recent studies reveal the presence of neurochemicals such as DMT, which induces altered states of consciousness. We are brilliant as humans!


In summary, in ancient times, the mystical Third Eye was simply the place from which true, higher knowledge came, without scientific studies. According to yogic knowledge, magical powers and superhuman abilities, or Siddhis, are possible, among other things, by practicing with the Third Eye.

So the question arises: What happened to us if this part of the brain, which is responsible for higher knowledge, brings us the life everyone currently has? Where did the possibility of higher insights to lead a happy life go? Why doesn’t everyone have access to them?

Experiencing various situations over thousands of years of your incarnations here on Earth, you had your views and family, social, or religious dogmas. These energetically settle on the Third Eye, becoming like a curtain through which you view the world and make decisions automatically. Psychologists will say these are belief programs, doctors will say they are genes passed down through the family, so you continue the tradition, and I say they are just curtains, codes, seals, symbols, or however they vibrate. You have free will to get rid of them. There are many tools, from therapeutic to esoteric. Choose those that are effective and fast-acting.

Life is too precious to suffer.

What will happen if people have fewer and fewer of these curtains on their Third Eye? They will see the Truth. It is a crucial element in our new times of changes on Earth. As I write in my book, the pursuit of Truth is a natural action of every conscious human being. Asking “Why?” is no longer an insult; it begins your awakening. When you seek answers, the structures of the Matrix in your mind that maintain human slavery on Earth begin to crumble.

All brainwashing programs or subliminal techniques are precisely blocks on the Third Eye to prevent you from seeing the higher Truth. Sometimes, even watching a program hurts your head; it’s an attack on your Third Eye. Manipulation is a low level of vibration. It is what the Matrix currently propagates: sweet-talking narcissists who drag people into wars, quarrels, envy, and fears. But everyone with a Soul has a Third Eye and thus access to the Truth. Imagine a world where people communicate non-verbally, reading everything at the energy level with the Third Eye. No one could deceive you because you would feel it. Now you understand why it is so important for them to feed the masses with narcissistic celebrities in demonic festivals, scaring them with diseases or new wars. They are subliminal actions.

The Third Eye is Truth, self-knowledge of oneself and the world around from a higher level, and it is within YOU. It’s time to use it.


Lotuses symbolically represent our chakras. There is something magical about them 🪷

Third Eye: This term is frequently searched in relation to spirituality and meditation.

The Third Eye is Truth, self-knowledge of oneself and the world around from a higher level, and it is within YOU. It’s time to use it.


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