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Clairvoyance, intuition, and logical mind.

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

They call it the 6th sense, psychic power, or Siddhi in Sanskrit. Extraordinary powers go beyond the human five senses when our consciousness explores other worlds; science still has a problem. It can be clairvoyance clairsentience, clairaudience, conscious astral travel, telepathy, energy healing, channeling, mediumship, synchronization, bilocation, materialization, or other superpowers. In times of changes on Earth, they often activate spontaneously, bringing people from consternation to madness, spontaneous joy, increase in self-esteem, or strengthen the spiritual ego, which also leads to insanity. And these are just the Divine gifts in you. Will you bury them, or will you learn to use them consciously?

Let's immediately establish that when I write about psychic power, I don't mean the symptoms of mental disorders in the medical sense of psychiatry. I am writing about the conscious action of a healthy person.

From my practice, the third eye, i.e., the gift of clairvoyance, often opens. It is the ability to see things not perceived by the physical eyes. It may start from the corner of your eye, seeing a shadow near you or a strange smoke or colored cloud. Sometimes it is the outline of a shape or a specific image. It can scare or surprise us. It's normal. The brain doesn't know it, so it reacts like something new. It's important to affirm your safety when this happens. The mind gets used to the new way of looking at the world over time

Another gift that strongly awakens in man is his Intuition. It is your inner feeling perceived as a voice, a conviction somewhere deep inside that there should be a solution as you feel. It is often confused with the gut instinct that protects us from a suddenly approaching car and causes the body to avoid an accident spontaneously. It can also be confused with the rush of thoughts associated with emotions. The voice of Intuition, i.e., information flowing through the channel of energy that connects us with the Higher Self, which is connected with the energy of the Source, is quiet and calm. He does not discuss and has no emotions. You feel it right down to the warmth in your heart chakra.

Master Patanjali, in his Yoga Sutras, gives a specific recipe for achieving siddhi.

These are:

1. Birth, which in my opinion is the race from which you come from the Cosmos, your experience of siddhis from previous incarnations, the more you used them in the past, the easier it is for you to use them now, e.g. former yogis today even non-practitioners naturally have greater ease of using spiritual powers ,

2. The use of herbs, which in my opinion is the use of herbs that strengthen the body and mind and herbs that cleanse the third eye, e.g. Ayurvedic massage with Shirodhara oils,

3. The use of spells, i.e. the modern use of affirmations, positive thinking, the creation of life,

4. Self-discipline, i.e. physical exercise, meditation, yoga, pranayama, fasting, being in the here and now, grounding, clear mind,

5. Samadhi or enlightenment,

Patanjali wrote this in the 2nd century B.C., and I am adding explanations according to my experience in modern language. I hope Master will forgive me. The wisdom of principles lies in their eternal effectiveness. Good advice always works.

Anyway, Clairvoyance is like watching a movie or a picture. We have one vision, but each of us can interpret it differently. Where does it come from? We carry various experiences from other incarnations and this life, creating a belief system about the world and ourselves. Energetically, this can be seen as blocks on the third eye. These can be religious or magical symbols, numbers, or words. You look at the world as if through a curtain that distorts the image of reality. So each of us can interpret the meaning and intentions of this vision differently. How many people see so many opinions? It's normal. Then it is worth including Intuition in your reading, i.e., asking what this vision means to me or asking another question. Often it is enough to use a logical mind that will verify the sense of vision threat or other negative emotions. The old myth that man only uses 10 percent of his brain has long been disproved, so let's use it in energy work. Working with the third eye teaches us to use this gift safely. Let us affirm security and see the truth according to Source energy.

The outside world also likes to block this chakra through the subliminal influence of the mass media, i.e., ideological brainwashing, smog of the electromagnetic field of electrical devices in which we live, toxic food, and all kinds of transmitters like HARP. There is the part of us that naturally sees the truth around us. Imagine what would happen on the earth if people saw the truth about other politicians, for example. Therefore, it is now the most blocked chakra among people. If you want to develop it consciously, I invite you to use my help as part of your own self-development. Take care of it because it is your first eye.

We carry psychic powers within us, and when they appear to us because this is the normal course of things in times of transformation on Earth, let us use them for our own and others' highest good.

Ancient Egyptian temples are full of drawings of the pineal gland or the eye of RA, or the eye of Horus, reminding us of our powers. Temple in Dendera, Egypt.

Clairvoyant Anna Kiestrzyn Based In Dublin

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