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Earth’s powers lines, ley lines and world energy grid.

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Contact with nature is the best healing therapy. We gladly relax in areas surrounded by nature, far from the hustle and bustle of cities. Like each of us, the planet Earth also has its biopole, meaning an electromagnetic field in which we live. We interact with each other through our auras. According to the knowledge of radiesthesia, people have a plus polarity and the earth a minus one. Every contact with it, like walking barefoot or hugging trees, represents a natural way of balancing our energy. We are indeed a Cosmic Oneness.

Mother Earth is like a living being full of energy, which flows through channels within her, much like blood in our bodies. Knowledge, known as geomancy, studies signs in the terrain, such as trees, shapes of elevations, or ancient sacred areas, to harness the positive energies of the Earth and the cosmos to determine the best energetically suitable place for a house or settlement. Often, dowsing rods or pendulums are used for this purpose. They accurately choose the locations of Earth's power lines. Through this practice, one can also find water to construct their own well. As someone who once engaged in such work, I can attest that it is necessary but also energetically demanding. Today's places on Earth are often not treated with respect, and structures are erected on old cemeteries or battlegrounds, resulting in toxic energy in new homes. We can determine its impact by measuring harmful external factors, such as the existence of astral pathways of beings from other dimensions, the intensity of electromagnetic pollution, or the level of toxicity of underground water veins. Each of these emits negative energy, which can lead to health imbalances and disorders over time.

However, it is possible to neutralize the influence of harmful energies in the home through radiators. These can be natural ones like crystals or orgonite, as well as human-made devices created while adhering to the principles of physics.

The principles of geomancy are already present in ancient sciences, such as Chinese Feng Shui or Hindu Vastu Vidya. People have long known that it is necessary to facilitate energy flow in rooms to live more abundantly, better, and healthier. The principle of maintaining order in the rooms and the minimal amount of objects within them connects these two ancient ideas. It allows for more space for the flow of life-giving prana in the home.

Colors play an essential role and should come from the palette of primary colors. Additionally, ample natural light is valued as it adds energy and positively influences the atmosphere inside the rooms. Plants, beloved pets, positive images, and harmonious symbols like yantras or mandalas also create a harmonious and positive energy in the surroundings. These ancient ideas, passed down through the ages, still find application in today's world, helping people make pleasant and beneficial living and working spaces. Our interactions with people in rooms create energy there. You can feel it when entering someone's home or office. Also, consider how to positively utilize the location where your house is built and where you reside. Maybe you need to plant more trees or tidy up the surroundings. Support Mother Earth's energy flowing abundantly in your home and your life.

The situation is different with the concept known as "ley lines," the English term for geomantic lines. The ideas were presented in 1922 by British archaeology enthusiast and antiquarian Alfred Watkins in his book "The Old Straight Track." While traveling on business roads in England, he noticed that sacred sites, megalithic structures, churches, or hills were situated along a straight line, often following ancient Roman roads. By drawing these lines and connecting them, they began to form a grid that did not always coincide with natural places of power on Earth. Naturally, the archaeological community at the time did not agree with this newly emerging idea from an amateur explorer.

However, the idea was revisited later. In his book "View Over Atlantis" published in 1969, John Michell, an English researcher, analyzed the locations of ancient sacred sites, megaliths, and ley lines. He concluded that they have mystical effects and are connected to the energies of the Earth and the cosmos. The points where they intersect are vortexes (energy portals) or Earth's chakras. It is when the true popularity of this idea began, leading to research on ley lines worldwide. In the 1990s, retired pilot Bruce Cathie witnessed flights of unknown aircrafts that seemed to be refueled precisely along these lines. He also noticed that American military bases were also situated along ley lines. As we can see, ley lines serve not only mystical purposes.

The figure shows one of the ley lines called the St. Michael or Apollo line. It starts from Ireland via Delphi to Israel.

The question arises: why, for thousands of years, did people build places of worship, observatories, and later churches precisely on these lines? Where did such an idea originate? How did they know that those were the locations to build on?

Let's delve deeper, back to the beginning. Let's take a look at the Epic of Creation or the Sumerian text from around 2,000 BCE called Enuma Elish. Historically, it's just a myth from ancient times, but for me, it symbolically represents the war for planet Earth. It consists of seven clay tablets that describe the process of the world's creation by the gods. When the Council of Anunnaki gods chooses Marduk as the warrior to subdue Tiamat (the rebellious Earth), he eagerly accepts the challenge, seeing it as an opportunity for advancement within the Council of gods. He prepares diligently, gathering the appropriate weapons for the battle, including taking:

  1. Tablet IV, line 41: Then he made a net to enclose Tiamat within it,...

  2. Tablet IV, line 44: He fastened the net at his side, gift of his grandfather Anu;...

During the battle:

  1. Tablet IV, line 95: The Lord spread out his net, encircled her,...

After the victorious battle:

  1. Tablet V, line 64: [He re]leased his net, let all (within) escape...

They began to settle there after organizing the Earth in an Anunnaki way. Creating, as the epic tells, the human race, which:

  1. Tablet VI, line 35: After Ea the wise had made human-kind,

  2. Tablet VI, line 36: And had imposed the toil of the gods on them ...

The net used by Marduk served to reshape the Earth. Thanks to this, Beings from higher civilizations, such as those from Nibiru and other parts of the Galaxy, could settle there. The newly formed planet was adapted to their needs, just like the newly created human race, which was meant to serve the gods. Such was the original intention. Of course, later on, other races modified the grid to suit their own needs. Therefore, be cautious about what you feel in artificial places of power. By meditating with the vibration of pure Love, you are safe.

To summarize, you need to distinguish between Earth's power places and the energy of ley lines. The energetic grid is only sometimes located in natural areas of power on Earth. Nature calms and harmonizes. The Earth vibrates with an electromagnetic field in rhythm with its heart, following the Schumann resonance, which changes during times of transformation. It is a natural development of a living being, which this planet is. Artificial ley lines can affect us differently because, like everything created, they can be manipulated and serve someone's interests. It's important to use common sense. Feel whether a place gives you peace and harmony. If it doesn't resonate with you, it's better to return to the sea, the mountains, or the forest. There, true nature constantly vibrates.

And that's why we love Mother Earth.

Photo from the place of the Earth's power, where the Goth tribe formed stone circles, 2nd century A.D., Grzybnica, Poland

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