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Experiencing Love on Earth.

Romantic visions of broken hearts or pierced by Cupid's arrow, as well as proverbially tough as stone, circulate in the stories of every culture. As always, one could say it's just symbolism. But in ancient times, people saw more, including a clairvoyant view of a person during their turbulent romantic affairs or stresses related to interpersonal relationships. Every emotional disturbance leaves its mark on us mentally and becomes visible in the aura. Therefore, while seeking their causes, it's worth using the reading of our energy field, which can accelerate therapy on every level.

Let's define what the heart is. We are not referring to the physical organ but rather the energetic place in our aura. It is known as the Heart Chakra or the inner child. Energetically located in the middle of the chest, like every chakra, it forms a vibrating wheel that acts as a power station, accumulating energy and facilitating its flow to every cell, providing us with energy. It serves as a bridge between the lower chakras, associated with our sense of individuality and grounding in the material world, and the upper chakras, related to the sense of unity with the Universe. It can assume different colors, usually green symbolizing vitality or pink for those who vibrate with love called Ahimsa.

This concept originates from Sanskrit and first appears around 800 BCE in the sacred Hindu scripture called Upanishads. In a loose translation, it means "non-violence" or "non-harming." This path of conduct was exemplified by Mahatma Gandhi, whose nonviolent approach to achieving political and social reforms in India proved successful. The philosophy of non-harming can also be found in other major religions worldwide. It is a fundamental principle for many believers, but unfortunately, it has been subject to numerous interpretations, making the idea somewhat unclear and complicated.

However, the essence of the concept is straightforward: no harm. It can apply to everything, from oneself to other people, animals, nature, the planet, and the cosmos. This concept describes the state of vibration in which a person exists. It is not merely an emotion or a logical belief based on analysis. It represents a state found in higher spiritual realms,unconditional Love where each Soul loves other Souls—an elevated state of Love that seems to come straight from heaven.

We return from the heights to the real world of matter we live in. As Spiritual Beings in earthly bodies, under socio-economic conditions, within the existing Matrix, we are also being tested on Love. Here, we have unlimited possibilities to love everything, from ourselves to others – maternal or paternal love, love as a spouse, love as a citizen of one's country, love as a student for knowledge, love as a master in one's work, love as a child to a parent, love as a human to animals or nature. The word "Love" and its symbols, such as the heart or the color pink, are visible everywhere. However, has this reduced suffering in the world and eliminated wars? Or has it become a constant element in advertising, aiming to grasp our positive emotions to boost sales?

Social, economic, and physical norms limit the world of matter in which we live. As the old Rolling Stones song goes, "You can't always get what you want." We realize this as we get angry at the world and experience disappointments, often blaming Love for not existing or being destructive. There are as many songs praising this state as those directly hate it. Yet, it is just a high-frequency vibration, pointed out by all the great spiritual masters of this world as the only rightful path in life.

The soul remembers Ahimsa, but the body and mind vibrate on a different frequency. In our minds, we hold our own beliefs and imposed ones, social and religious norms that dictate how a child should love their parents, and a wife should love her husband, citizens should love their country, and so on. We are constantly subjected to external influences. Yet, all a person wants is to be happy.

In addition to these external influences, we carry experiences from past incarnations, often traumatic ones. It is reflected in karmic relationships, where we come together to heal old traumas. However, it doesn't always mean that if you were with someone in the past, you must be with them now. Remember, a human has holly, free will, and no one has the right to violate it without consent. Any rituals or spells intended to interfere with another person's life are simply black magic, and like any energy, they return to the person who creates them.

Just because you want to be with someone doesn't mean they have to reciprocate. Let people experience their own path in life. Perhaps, due to past incarnations, you have a karmic debt to repay to another person for betrayals, murder, or deception towards them. So, you can fix it by force. Unresolved material matters can also include promises, vows of allegiance or combat, master-disciple codes, revenge or destruction codes, and any other black magical attachments and spells.

Stressing over someone not wanting to be with you or choosing someone else or a different situation is unnecessary. Somebody has the right to make his own choices. On the other hand, you might fear or avoid someone because your subconscious remembers that they once hurt you. The other side may want to make amends and offer help. The soul always seeks to balance karma, and people and situations appear on our life path to help us understand our old unresolved lessons and free ourselves from their burden.

Be grateful to everyone who has wounded your heart, and forgive yourself for the pain you have inflicted on others. In reality, there is nothing harmful. It is just the experience of Love on Earth, the most significant lesson for the soul journeying through the worlds of matter.

As humans, composed of body, mind, and spirit, how can we manifest this well-known state here in the world of matter on planet Earth? Is it even possible to vibrate constantly in Love?

In today's times of change on Earth, when the frequency of events in the world and our lives reaches cosmic speed, and the level of entanglement in all of this sometimes terrifies us, it is worth focusing on working with the heart chakra. Acceptance, Gratitude, the forgiveness of ourselves and others, and Heart coherence meditation, bring peace and positive energy for a new, better life. We adopt the role of observers of events, emotions, or people, which gives us distance from the madness of the Matrix. If you cannot gain space from your heart's energetic pain, I invite you to consult me. Healing means understanding the lesson of this situation or person and letting it go.

We are born with Love, and we always vibrate with Love, and everything else is just lessons to be learned for our Souls here in the world of matter. Allow yourself to pass all the classes in the school of life on Earth.

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