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Karmic relationships or challenging lessons with people.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

You meet someone new, and they seem strangely familiar to you. You look into its eyes, and your heart starts beating faster, and surprising emotions appear in your stomach. Or else. You meet someone. It seems friendly and funny, but your stomach tightens, and your head hurts. Whatever this new acquaintance does, you know you won't trust her. You can call it deja vu or clairvoyance. One thing is for sure. You have met a person your body or subconscious recognizes by their vibrations from the energy field. The unconscious part of you remembers every situation based on strong emotions such as fear, sadness, and positive emotions. It shows the sensations that appear in the body. It's nothing to do with the mind. It's not logical.

So get ready for a karmic relationship!

Karmic doesn't mean it was just evil. You already know most of the people you meet in your life from other past lives. You've had different relationships and situations with them in the past. Maybe they were the creator of your tragedy, or you contributed to their sadness. Or, on the contrary, you had a wonderful, happy life. Karmic relationships, for me, are not only intimate connections; it's being a father, mother or friend, boss, or even an ancient god. Nowhere in the Universe is there such an unlimited possibility of human behavior between people. Be grateful to your Soul that it chose this planet to learn it!

Old stories need to end in the next incarnation. The soul needs to equalize energy unless the need is more substantial from low ego levels directly from the subconscious. The power of revenge, destruction or black magic, and other negative patterns toward an old friend is activated. However, if you work from the heart, you can get entangled in being overzealous, who, for his past faults, himself becomes a victim of his former victim over time. The roles are reversed, but that doesn't mean karma has been evened out. All relationships with karmic friends are to show what thought patterns, behaviors, or emotions you should heal in yourself because the other person can change but doesn't have to. It is his free will, just like you have yours. Obviously, that doesn't mean you must live your relationship with each person from your past separately. There would be no life in one incarnation here. It's just about the patterns of toxic views that lead to a life of pain. To understand which ones are hurting us and release them energetically and mentally while changing your life in real life. If you do not notice toxic patterns in one relationship, the next one will come more exaggerated so that you will see what you have to change in yourself. This repetition of events or meetings with people that we attract proves that we still need to understand something. They say karma comes back. It's worth considering.

Let's go deeper into the energy level seen through my clairvoyant eyes. When you meet someone with whom you must understand and release your life lesson, your subconscious reads it energetically. Each of us has our own energy field of a specific frequency consisting of vibrations of emotions, thoughts, body, and the entire energy dowry from previous incarnations. The subconscious does not know the time for it, and everything is now, so there is no logical justification for what it used to be. You may see in your aura energetic codes, signs, cords, locks, or other fragments of past experiences revealing themselves in your aura. It can also appear in dreams. In addition, there are illogical emotions that this person triggers. And the mind begins to tune in to emotional states by entering into toxic thoughts. For many of us, sometimes a new boss, a karmic boss, can be an incredible emotional challenge due to old traumas. Of course, everyone has their processes. But if you are stuck somewhere in this emotional loop, I can help you unravel the karmic knot with my spiritual talents.

Old Souls, those who have learned a lot of life lessons through incarnations, have the most difficult-to-end karmic relationships in this life. They are known for their wisdom in life and do not have to incarnate here often or be elderly. They have yet to understand topics that, for thousands of years, they have consciously or subconsciously avoided to understand life on earth fully. Due to the small amount of Soul energy in the body, they may be withdrawn or unable to complete their karmic lessons. But consider that if you don't do this in this lifetime, you will return here again, and the task may be even more severe.

Life is worth changing!

Children's, young or mature souls, have a natural curiosity to experience, so they go crazy happily learning to be in different relationships. They have an absolute right to do it! Sometimes they can be stuck in toxic karmic relationships for years or incarnations, explaining this by continuing to experience strong impressions, which theoretically are supposed to bring them wisdom in life. With time, as they mature, they become convinced that it is worth experiencing joy rather than depression. And then they become Old Souls.

We live our lives meeting people who evoke strong emotions, both evil and good. We call them karmic because they continue through lifetimes and remind us of the unlearned lesson that wants to be noticed, understood, and healed. It allows us to grow, become wiser, and build our lives differently.

Let's be grateful for them...

Workshop on the way, The Annamalaiyar Temple Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

Karmic relationship workshop on the way, The Annamalaiyar Temple Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu
Karmic relationship workshop

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