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Lucid dreaming, or your second life.

You've probably wondered what sense it makes that you sleep away one-third of your life. Of course, modern knowledge recommends its health benefits, and I agree with that. However, we will delve deeper into the energetic aspect to see what else lies beneath this pleasant life activity.

Dreaming is the journey of your astral body into worlds called parallel or astral. Initiated in 1957 by an American physicist, the multiple worlds theory sounded more like fantasy than logical knowledge. Only recently has it been acknowledged as correct. The worlds we know from fairy tales, Tolkien's stories, or all sorts of fantasy movies are just many examples of parallel worlds. We ourselves build them constantly with our thoughts and emotions. Their quantity is infinite, and it's an ongoing process of creation.

When we fall asleep at night, the astral part of the soul wanders through different worlds depending on our intention or situation before falling asleep. A dream is a virtual world like a computer game that is worth learning to navigate to make the best use of it. Just like in any game, the entities there are not always real; they can pretend to be someone else or show falsehood. However, you can also learn to lucid dream to utilize the time without a physical body for your own development.

Here are a few topics related to dreams:

  1. When deceased individuals appear in your dreams, it may indicate their care and protection or a warning about a situation or person. Sometimes, the souls of our loved ones ask us for something, apologize, or even intimidate us. It's always essential to ensure that it's that person's energy. Remember, a dream is a game; anyone can pretend to be anyone else.

  2. Frequently encountered sleep paralysis is an insufficient connection between the astral body and our physical body. It causes paralysis of the hands or legs, feeling their weight, experiencing fear, or coldness. It's an excellent opportunity to feel how heavy and immobile the body is without the entirety of the soul's energy. In such a situation, wait until the body becomes more connected to the soul's energy.

  3. The symbolism of your dreams is closely related to the magic or religion that your subconscious once or currently strongly believes in. Logically, you might not even think about it, yet symbols like Egyptian or Greek ones appearing in your dreams are memories of your past incarnations from those times. Create your dream book, a way to communicate with your subconscious.

  4. Dreams from other times can inspire you to understand what is happening in your life now. Connect the events shown at night with what you are experiencing now. We only live in the present. The rest is suspended in holograms of the past or future. It's up to us what we choose and what our life becomes.

  5. The recurring theme in dreams often bothers us, but it is also a beautiful lesson that reminds us of what we haven't understood yet. If we allow it to leave, those dreams will disappear.

  6. Terrifying entities are just a sign from the astral level that you carry toxic energies, curses, jealousy, or other individuals who wish you ill. Cleanse your aura.


There are as many people and as many topics related to dreams. The most important thing is to remember that not everything in dreams is true. To reach the truth, one must reach a higher level of consciousness by programming the dream. You then become the Creator of your life in the present and other energetic spaces.

Everything is energy, and you have the right to manage it.

Maestro S. Dali in response to the teachings of S. Freud on the impotrance of dreams in psychoanalisys: One Second Before the Awaking from a Dream Provoked by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate. Volunteers can already interpret:)))))

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