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To get angry or not to get angry, that is the question. Managing anger and emotions.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In such intense changes on Earth, people often show two emotional states: anger or a sense of powerlessness. With the swing of events in our lives, we can fast go from rage to apathy with the ease of a ballerina. But vibrationally, it is not the finesse of P. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. Well, this is the climate of the times of transformation on Earth. It is rather a heavy vibration of R. Wagner's operas, where mythical heroes struggle with the prose of life on Earth. Even the Norse gods, this planet was able to surprise.

From the level of the clairvoyant, emotions present themselves as movement, a flow of energy in different colors and shapes. It occurs in the human body and flows through its organs. According to Chinese Medicine, anger is related to the liver, from which the life-giving qi rises, manifested by a reddened face or eyes when it bursts. Remember that the physical body with diseases shows us what emotion is to be healed in us. Complete healing occurs when every level within us, physical, mental, and spiritual, is in total harmony. We are One.

The emotion of anger scaled by psychiatrist David R. Hawkins has a frequency of 150 Hz. Compared to the energy of Love at 500 Hz, it is a relatively low vibration, but it does not occupy the last place on the list. It gives hope that anger can also be helpful in life. Absolutely yes! It often appears as an emotion in the process of healing traumas or toxic memories. It is like a refreshing wind, sometimes a hurricane, when we realize that we no longer want to be a victim of loved ones or other people. It is also worth looking at ourselves, for which we still blame ourselves and are afraid to decide. It was an experience—time to heal them. Forgive yourself and others, enter the heart's space, and start creating life anew. The intense energy of anger can make it easier for us to set boundaries. I don't let it; I don't want it; it's mine; I won't give up; I'm moving forward. These are affirmations of the solar plexus chakra, which is energetically responsible for the free will that makes decisions. The chakra is said to be blocked. It is the place from the impulse to do something new comes from. In the same space of the plexus chakra, there is also the liver, which, when swollen with anger, blocks the healthy flow of energy within us. Then we have a problem with deciding; we hesitate or are afraid to do so. It is frustrating again, and another wave of anger may come upon us.

Based on my experience with clients and their regression sessions, I've noticed that hurt people take anger or even aggression afterward. Some just got stuck in the emotion of anger. It may be a situation from this life, but most also carry stories from past lives. Our subconscious holds memories of traumas or other painful events that are very subjective. The assessment of the past situation was based on our level of consciousness at that time. Don't believe her completely. We test the truth only with the sensations in the heart chakra, and we also have to relearn how to perceive it cleanly.In the process of our healing, we must be very honest with ourselves and humble towards the flowing energies. The fact that you felt hurt by someone in the past was completely different, and your millennia-old resentments and anger towards this person are entirely unfounded. So ask yourself: Who broke you? Or when you hurt yourself with a wrong decision or action. The cure for this is simply radical forgiveness of yourself and others.

A fascinating case is anger encoded in warriors in ancient martial arts. Any pre-battle rituals to prepare for the fight, trance codes that cut off the logical mind and turn on the lower chakras to be stronger than usual, taking blood pressure stimulants to increase a person's power can still live in a person and effectively make his life difficult. The victors write the history of this planet, as Napoleon used to say, so it is subjective. However, lived stories from past lives are also uploaded into our energy field. Sometimes we can react to simple problems as if we were going to war completely overzealous. It's even worse when we treat our whole life as a battlefield and perceive every situation we don't like as a lost battle. I described the patterns of a warrior in more detail in my book: Life in Times of Change. I invite old warriors to check how many old patterns are left today. During an individual regressing session, we can feel what martial practices, codes of black magic, or trance codes from ancient martial arts schools are still waiting for release in us. Constantly being in the trance mode of Shiva battling demons fast burns a person. We learn how to consciously manage the energies of emotions so that they do not destroy us but are helpful to us.

And finally, the most trivial reason for the constant feeling of anger in us. It is called the ordinary human ego, or it is more of an invention of the Matrix. It's part of our experience here. All our emotionally intense experiences are stored as a component of the subconscious. The ego remembers that you were once a king, princess, or someone he knew. And it launches programs to be better depending on the situation. Of course, the dogma of upbringing in the current incarnation overlaps with this. It is this explosive mixture that very often rebels against the existing situations. It's very human. Excess, however, can destroy us mentally, energetically, and physically. Your aura may be holey or cracked from extra harmful vibrations. It is easy then to lose the strength needed to live. We feel more tired than usual. It should also be mentioned that your negative emotion, thought, or energy feeds into this planet's low vibrational energy field. By powering the dark astral, you become more connected to it. You amplify your shadow. Then you have to ask yourself: Who governs you? Your ego or you from the heart?

Emotions are just energies within us. They always affect us. They can help us, and they can hurt us. However, their excessive accumulation in themselves is toxic. Staying in a low-vibration state for too long takes away the energy we need for a fulfilling life. Here on Earth, we have a lesson in managing anger and emotions healthily. We're always learning it, and it's a fascinating experience!

The image of the former god of war, also called Mars, calmly reflects on life. Of course, he has a shield on his side and a sword in his hand, but Eros is tempting him at his feet. Maybe he's retired already? Ares Ludovisi Roman National Museum.

The image of the former god of war, also called Mars, calmly reflects on life
The former god of war, Mars.

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