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Solar Plexus chakra, that’s your move.

Lately, can't make decisions? You may have so many that you no longer know which one to choose. It leads you to your powerlessness, and anger or frustration arises. The causes of this can be various. Energetically speaking, it's always a blockage in the solar plexus chakra. Located between the stomach and our navel, it's the place of sunny, vital energy in us, which is used for decision-making. That's where the action to act begins. It's precisely the place energy goes when the famous Greek king Leonidas shouts: This is Sparta! And feeling it, you decide:

Enough! I've had it! That’s it! I am taking action! Enough already! I am leaving it!

I’ve had enough! I am doing it! Yes, that’s what I want! I chose it, and I have it!

Finally, I’m changing it!

Do you feel the power of this energy? It's your Free Will. No one has ever taken it from you. You still carry it within yourself. Maybe you've forgotten. Perhaps you've allowed someone or something to block it, but it's still within you. What happens in your life is precisely what you allow. You've given consent consciously or subconsciously. That's why so many people don't believe they have free will. They complain that the world is terrible and nothing can be changed here. They ignore the fundamental spiritual law that plainly states: as above, so below; what's inside you is also outside you. In summary, if you hold views that block your free will (solar plexus chakra), changes will be small or nonexistent.

Let's take a look at the types of blockages in the solar plexus:

  1. Personal blockages resulting from experiences that led to various conclusions such as: Don't stand out too much / Don't speak up / Don't do what you want / I won't succeed / I can't do it / It won't work for me again / In short, they block our activity.

  2. Blockages resulting from norms and dogmas imposed by others—religious, social, cultural, or familial, as: That's a sin / It's not proper to do that / In our family, it has never been done that way / There's a current trend, so you must look like this, dress like this, behave like this / You must have these beliefs because it's correct / You do what the authorities say / This is how social, familial, or religious conditioning looks like.

Your free will resides in the solar plexus chakra. So, instead of complaining and grumbling that the world is terrible and nothing is going well here, consider what views and blockages exist within you. Nothing happens by chance. Even here in this Earth simulation called the Matrix, they left us free will because it is from the level of the Spirit. The creators of the Matrix don't have access to it. That's why they do everything to entangle us in feelings of guilt, servitude, suffering, or fear to weaken our free will. So, remember how Leonidas acted and shout when you need to:


When the Sun goes down or RA visits his place, Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt, Nov. 2023,

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