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Why is it worth being in the Love vibration?

Updated: Jun 15

Earth is an enormous collection of all races from the Cosmos. We exist in humanoid bodies, but most have had experiences from other dimensions. Often during a regressing session, we come to a situation when we remember our different appearance or the mission with which we flew here to Earth. Sometimes we spontaneously enter through associations in the real world into the memory of living in space. Hence the incredible popularity of sci-fi literature or movies on this subject. It just keeps drawing us to the stars.

When the Soul goes to worlds of dense vibration, it can be galaxies of matter, and it learns different things depending on the characteristics of the space. Like here, life in Poland is other than in Peru. You know to live, you gain knowledge and experience related to a given area. It's the same in space. On one planet, you will deal with joyful vibrations in the crystal; in other dimensions, you will create complex war technologies—the soul experiences.

Now imagine that infinite beings with different experiences from the Cosmos live here in human bodies. Everyone has various programs and different missions. Let's focus on beings with Souls from Source because there are other beings or robots in Earth's bodies here. Each of us carries abilities acquired in different spaces. One is easy in teaching, another in the IT industry, and another has musical talent. We also show our emotions, intelligence, and motor skills differently. We just acquired it from experience in other dimensions or here on Earth.

In this mix of personalities here on Earth, they inspire each other to grow by living together. There is the phenomenon of this planet! Shared experience! I can learn from you how to use the mind, and you can learn from me how to enjoy the blossoming apple tree. A logical mind would never have thought of that! It is so irrational! But how pleasant!

We are in the worlds of matter to experience, and this is what happens. And one of these lessons is to feel the vibration of Love. The Matrix system defines it as animal sex and destruction songs. He reversed its meaning like everything else here. However, let's focus on scientific studies showing that it brings only good things—my favorite positive examples prove why it pays to vibrate from the level of a pure Heart:

Research by psychiatrist Dr. David R. Hawkins, who calibrated individual emotions with the level of human Consciousness using the muscle test. His Map of Consciousness shows that Unconditional Love, calibrated at 500 out of 1,000 points on the whole scale, contains a mind praising existence, a vision of Source as Love, life as good, and the dominant process is a revelation. He also uses his map to work with himself on the level of physical diseases and proves many miraculous healings. So Love heals.

Another exciting example is the research activity of the HeartMat Institute in Boulder Creek, California. It thoroughly studies the Heart and its connections with the brain and emotions. Every child knows how important the work of the Heart is for us. Still, it turns out that the sensitive heart muscle feels all negative emotions through a chaotic pulse, which causes a decrease in energy and immunity in a person. On the other hand, positive ones support the Heart's work and increase its torus electromagnetic field, which powers us like an energy shield against all evil. More:

Summing up the subject of the profitability of being in the vibrations of unconditional Love, I will go to my own experiences working with myself and my clients. You will not develop into higher worlds if you do not rely on the Heart and bring positive vibrations in a sober and conscious state. You can be a billionaire, a celebrity, or a brilliant scientist. For developing your Consciousness, the level of Love vibration in you matters. Despite different experiences from the worlds of matter, we are Souls made of Love. And that is what we are to manifest here on Earth in our daily lives. You will only leave the Earth entirely once you learn to manifest it in these conditions here. That is why the old gods and other once-great come down to Earth to safely and consciously vibrate high again. There is the only way to get out of earthly karma. This planet teaches everyone that. There isn't anything like it anywhere in the universe. That's why some want to destroy it and make cyborg-enslaved people, but others, like me, remind you of the power of positive vibrations.

Love vibrations. Love still wins.
Love vibrations. Love still wins.

And Love still wins.

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