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Aura, or your energy boundary (Emotional Well-being)

Updated: Jan 26

There's so much talk about setting boundaries at work, in relationships, and even at home. The terminology is almost like military tactics, but the issue is relevant to everyone in times of change on Earth. The goal of our Soul is constant development, leading to a life in harmony with oneself. Throughout the thousands of years of our experience here, we may have different behavior patterns, thoughts, or even illnesses. But life continues to flow and inspires us to be more open to positive changes. One of the tasks that helps achieve a new, positive quality of life is setting healthy boundaries. I am learning this, others are learning it too. We are mastering this lesson to move forward happily, reaffirming the belief that life is beautiful! Emotional Well-being

Our physical body is condensed energy that expands outward until it attains an ethereal lightness, easily connecting it with the boundless Universe. Some individuals may feel or see the subtle boundary in our energy field with clairvoyance. We call it the aura. In Latin, it signifies a breeze or wind that we can sense while in the presence of a particular person. Sometimes, we say that a specific place or person has a good aura. We feel good there.

Having the gift of clairvoyance often allows us to perceive the aura around a person, revealing their current energetic state. You will see it most quickly around the head. It looks like a cloud surrounding our body. It can have various colors and shapes. Bright colors describe high vibrations. Any darker shades of the primary colors already indicate that the person is vibrating lower in their emotions. The shape also shows the quality of a person's energy boundary. Any breaks, cracks, or strange shapes in the aura are toxic for its owner. Remember that colors and shapes are for a given moment. Everything can be changed and repaired.

Aura is a natural energy boundary, serving as a barrier to defend us against external influences. A person with a complete aura is energetically strong, joyful, creative, and physically healthy. Let's see what happens to us when it is disrupted:

  • Disrupted aura, the most commonly encountered form of energy flow disturbance, occurs when the aura is cracked or "holey" because it often looks that way. In this state, we feel like a deflated balloon that once had air but has lost it over time. Our physical immunity may decrease, making us nervous, less creative, or less focused. These disruptions arise from strong internal processes where we become toxic from within, such as living in prolonged stress, sudden shock, or emotional freezing. Low vibrational emotions and thoughts like anger, complaining, envy, resentment, the pursuit of power or money, and other low levels on the Hawkins scale are energetic bombs that destroy us from within. External factors, such as being in a toxic, low-vibration work or home environment, can also contribute. Electromagnetic radiation from technical devices harms a lot, and substances like addictive substances, some medications, and unhealthy food can break the aura. Chronically ill individuals may also have a perforated aura.

  • Interrupted aura with energy cords is a state similar to the one mentioned above. Still, in the areas of cracks, energetic threads appear through which other living individuals, deceased persons, or beings from different dimensions attach themselves to us. The reasons for this can be diverse and are connected to an individual's karma and life. It is easier to stick to a person when they are weaker and less aware, i.e., with a cracked aura. These energetic cords primarily serve to draw energy from the host and influence them. In such cases, we may have difficulty making decisions, so we blindly follow others or feel powerless. We might believe in something senseless despite logical contradictions. Irrational fears are also common. Addictions and low self-esteem favor attachments. A person thinks that someone knows better because he has a sense of guilt. Our strong desires also play a strong role. Often, these manifestations are associated with personality disorders.

  • Taken-over aura, or possession, is a state where a large amount of foreign energy from another living person, a deceased individual, or other entities enters a cracked aura again. Imagine that 20 percent or more of your energy belongs to another being out of 100 percent. It's as if you were split in two. You can observe that a person may speak or behave in a certain way, and suddenly, they change as if they were an entirely different person. They alter their values, people, or lifestyle. The causes of possession are countless. From my experience as an exorcist, there are two primary ones. It could be low self-esteem (e.g., a sense of guilt) or a high ego that always believes it knows better and can handle everything according to itself. Unhealed situations from previous incarnations strongly influence susceptibility to possession. All kinds of addictive substances, some medications, also exert their toxic influences. The person may suffer from psychiatric or even physical illnesses.

As you can see, even in the cases I've broadly described, the conclusion is obvious: Aura

Auras in Kirlian photography.

Emotional Well-being
Emotional Well-being

matters! Consider natural prevention, such as cleansing your own energy and the space in which you live or work. A practical method is meditation to release toxic energy from our energy field. Connecting with nature is a helpful method, as it naturally purifies us. Interaction with positive people or taking breaks from using electronic devices will also assist in maintaining the hygiene of our energy. In cases of intriguing and exhausting energy disturbances, I offer professional assistance.

A holistic perspective on the world, people, or phenomena brings the most effective solutions to disturbances within ourselves or our lives. The sum of vibrations from our thoughts, emotions, actions, and the state of our physical health empowers our aura. Here, the law of interconnected vessels applies. Weakened one sphere leads to the weakening of others, and, like in dominoes, everything can crumble. Investing in oneself truly brings excellent benefits.

So, take care of yourself and strengthen your energetic boundary, the aura.


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