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Body, mind, soul, spirit that is YOU.

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Each of us would like to live a long and happy life. It is the natural state of every living being on this planet. Everyone loves life. The best example here is nature. She is unafraid of the seasons and changing climatic conditions; a man with a selfish mission is more toxic. Nature lives here and now with a healthy survival instinct because life is beautiful.

When you wonder how to raise your vibration to spend your life happily or have the strength to make positive changes, think of yourself holistically as a unity of body, mind, soul, and spirit. I have especially divided the energy part here, distinguishing the curious and experimenting Soul from the eternal Light and Love in the Spirit. The physical body is only our clothes or, as others say, an energy vehicle. The mind, on the other hand, includes everything related to the physical operation of the brain, but also all ideas or views. Each of these parts vibrates at its own frequency depending on the level of energy they hold. The sum of these components gives your true vibration, which is how energetic you are.

Let's start with the body. Its vibration level depends on the state of health. Theoretically, everyone knows how to care for the body, so let me remind you to eat healthy, rest and move, move, move again. The body symbolizes the subconscious and shows what it disagrees with or what weighs on it. It communicates with you with feelings and emotions. It focuses on survival and uses its brain in the belly, the survival instinct. He is the one who reacts with pain to anxiety or life threats. As the psychiatrist, Alexander Lowen says in his book Bioenergetics: If you don't feel anything - you don't know what to focus on, and you have no opinion of your own. You don't feel because you don't want to feel past traumas and fears. That is why I use breathing techniques or simple yogic asanas during consultations or regression sessions to release toxic energy patterns from the body and energy.

Let's love the body!

Our mind is, for me, not only the brain, but the whole energy sphere, which the head can see as a cloud. Our mental bubble contains all views, thoughts, belief patterns, and knowledge related to emotions. As a clairvoyant in these times of transformation, I notice the mind's two most common energy states. The first is a stone or highly condensed energy that indicates being stuck in some life situation.

The second version of my mind today is hyperactive, insanely controlling, and full of fear; I see it as a thunderstorm with vortices in different directions on the energy plane. All these energy states are heavy and low energy hence will lower your overall vibration. Let's care for the mind by giving it rest, healthy oils, and positive thoughts. Let's love the mind!

Our energy field called the aura is contained in the Soul, that eternally curious and brave part of us. Like the body and mind, you must care for it through healthy emotions, setting boundaries to toxic people or situations, or avoiding prolonged exposure to electromagnetic smog. It is worth purifying yourself from time to time from all toxic energies through the healing treatments that I perform. It gives more space around us and harmonizes emotions. The natural healer is, of course, nature. Staying in it tunes our vibration to the harmonious frequency of the Cosmos the fastest. Let's love Soul!

Your Spirit connected to Source needs no extraordinary work. Anyone with Souls has a connection to it. It's just a matter of how often you connect to it and whether you have access to it. Love and Light are always within you, no matter your state. And that is his Power.

See what a fantastic multidimensional Being you are. You learn how to maintain harmony between different parts of yourself through all lifetimes. Sometimes you will get lost; sometimes, you will take a few lifetimes to understand the body or the mind more. Our journey on Earth is a lesson of the Soul in the human body and mind.

harmony on earth between body mind and soul
Balancing body, mind and soul

Let's love that lesson!

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