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Where are you losing your energy?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

You start the day. You get up in the morning and assume you have 100 percent of your energy. It's like a battery, and you are fully charged. How are you feeling in a few hours or the evening?

Your energy follows your attention. Whatever you focus on grows. If you're low on energy, you've used it for something. You lost it. You gave someone or something. Who or what is draining your energy? What about you and your life?

A man unaware of his lousy life or condition will blame everyone around him. It is the level of consciousness of the executioner or victim. A conscious man will look for reasons. He is the creator of his life.

Anyway, the matter is quite simple. If you are losing energy, you are giving it to someone else. You can fuel your toxic mental beliefs, emotions, or desires. It is feeding your inner demons. They need your power to exist within you. You know best how exhausted you feel because you were angry, made a fuss, or wished someone bad. People in a state of depression have no strength because their energy goes to powering this state. The same is true for physical diseases, which are energetically caused by disturbances in the flow of the Nadi energy channels. That is why it is so important to cleanse and align your aura.

Another energy-consuming factor is the outside world. The one from the past, toxic memories of traumas or shocks from previous incarnations. Soul particles were in holograms of traumatic experiences connected to us now by energy cords that still resemble the low vibrations of those events. If you don't clean it up, you're like a beautiful but unhappy white flower stuck in the mud. The current world also interacts through daily challenges. Especially now that everything is accelerating and intensifying at lightning speed.

It's time to learn to control your energy by consciously directing your attention or focus. There is part of you, and you give it to someone. After all, thoughts and words are energy, they come from you and feed people or various astral worlds. You strengthen what you focus on, providing it with the energy of your emotions. Hawaiian Huna knowledge, dating back to Atlantis, says that we are all responsible for the state of this world. Think for a moment what it would be like if everyone consciously thought and acted positively.

There are many techniques for awakening awareness. It can be meditation, all relaxation techniques, working with the breath, asking yourself a childish but effective question, "Why is this happening to me" and all self-cleaning techniques, especially the third eye. Our first eye sees the real world, not the delusions of the Matrix. It is located in the brain's frontal lobe, responsible for higher human cognitive functions, e.g., the assessment of emotions and situations and the will to act. Here, unfortunately, all subconsciously accepted religious, social, and family programs or our programs are interrupted energetically, creating a kind of dirty window in looking at the world. Modern neurology defines this part of the brain as a filter through which information from the outside world passes to the rest of our brain. The interpretation of events can be significantly distorted with so many energetic overlays. The modern Western man has the most blocked third eye from the number of programs he has received over thousands of years of incarnations. It's good that times are coming when this is already changing.

I invite you to consider who or what you feed with your energy that you feel energetically weak so quickly and often. New times have come for a conscious man to build his life responsibly on the new Earth. As Master Socrates said, "A life that is not explored is not worth living." So let's be aware of where our attention goes and what powers it so that our energy does not leak through our fingers.

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