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Balancing feminine and masculine energy, that is, all potentials are within us.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The soul is unlimited creation and power as part of the energy straight from the Source. Entering the human body allows you to experience life from the level of two different energies, male and female. Masculine in the positive pole are the sun, action, and logic. Feminines are constant creation, flexibility, and emotions.

This idea is as old as this world. In the tradition of Chinese philosophy, the concept of mutual penetration of yin and yang, female and male vibrations, is the basis for the creation and all changes in the Universe. Balancing feminine and masculine energy. The yogic tradition clarifies it. Here it already names and indicates the energy channels as Ida and Pingala. They run in a serpentine motion from the base of the spine, along the central nadi called Sushumna, to joyfully connect above the head at the crown chakra and flow higher to the Higher Self chakra, which is connected to the energy of the Source. Then comes the enlightenment of man, represented in the Eastern tradition as the head of a standing open cobra.

Obviously, living in the 21st century, it is worth mentioning a similar idea contained in the autonomic nervous system of every human being. There is a parasympathetic one, which stimulates us to relax and rest, and the opposite sympathetic one, reacting in a masculine manner. There are two channels too.

Anyway, working on ourselves, the most important thing for us is to learn to consciously notice the imbalance in its flow and use the potential of male and female energy depending on the situation. Life is different. All experiences or emotions are ok. However, let's learn to return to balance so that life does not resemble medieval hell but is a fascinating developmental journey through time and space.

The male energy deficit can manifest differently in a woman's life. Let's look at this example:

Ewa is a well-educated woman with a good job but still struggling with relationships with men. What is going on with me? There are a lot of men around me, but I don't have any connection. I can't decide who to choose. During the regression session, it turned out that most lifetimes in the past were women from a good family but utterly dependent on the family's will and later a much older husband. She didn't make decisions for thousands of years because a man always did it. Others decided for her. She was a parent, an ornament to a family with no vote and no money.

In this incarnation, she dared to step into a different role, that of being an independent woman. She tries to cut the karmic energy cords of being a victim as a wife. Now she has a lesson in making the right decisions, it means acting from the level of male energy. She learns to set healthy boundaries, express opposition and build her own financial independence. For this, it uses energy from the male vibration level. Everything to return to a healthy balance of male and female energy. It brings her development and exit from the loop of the karmic pattern of a passive woman to finally be fulfilled in life.

Another example where the flow of female energy is disturbed is the life of Peter, who did not understand what his wife and daughters wanted from him. It wasn't until his wife threatened to divorce him that he began to look for solutions.

What's her point? I work. I earn money. They don't respect me, and they want something all the time. I'm already running away from home to the gym and friends because they are still whining at home. After all, I am the man, and I should rule. There are quarrels because I don't care for children, but she is the mother. It turned out that most lifetimes in the past were a warrior. With such a profession, you don't discuss life. You just fight, command and collect loot. No time for the family either. A potent manifestation of male energy even from the negative pole.

A warrior has simple orders and does not have philosophical conversations about life. Piter's incarnations did not allow him to be sensitive or open to others. In this incarnation, the energy of his wife and daughters inspires him to use the female energy flowing in him as well. He can use this by giving them understanding, time to talk, and positive emotions toward them, a beautiful lesson for a former Warrior.

In conclusion, instead of wondering if you are from Mars or Venus, choose your Divinity, the unity of these two energies. In today's changing world, you need to get out of dogmas of behaviour only for women and only for men. The woman has the right to set boundaries, and the man can cry during the movie. The dogma of gender is slowly disintegrating. So don't judge other choices. Life on earth is not black and white. It is a lesson in understanding how to live with dignity in harmony with yourself and not hurt others. There is a great challenge. Especially now, with these changes on earth, there are phenomena that the human or perhaps more animal brains cannot comprehend. They happen to get us out of mental limiting codes or norms. We are now creating new laws and quality relationships to make them fair for the entire human race. Everybody has the same blood.

We are the Oneness of female and male energies.

Sunrise and my meditation on the White Desert, workshop on the way 2021, Egypt

Balancing feminine and masculine energy. Egypt, 2021.
Balancing feminine and masculine energy. Egypt, 2021.

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