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Biofield or everything is energy.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Most people have no problem with having a body and a mind. Dilemmas can arise when you innocently ask about personal energy. Philosophical or religious considerations then begin, depending on the level of encoding of the person in the old Matrix belief systems. In times of Earth change, the old programs are already leaving. The awareness that we are not just a walking compound of amino acids is awakening. And the principle of Descartes: I think, therefore I am, is also devalued when experiencing deep meditation free of unnecessary content. You cannot think and still live. Modern science tunes in to a higher vibration level of the Earth, bringing evidence of the existence of the energy field of living beings, timidly confirming the ancient knowledge of ancient civilizations. Everything is going well!

Anyway, you may be surprised, but every medical test, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), electromyogram (EMG - muscle activity test), or electroencephalogram (EEG - brain activity test), examines the activity of electromagnetic fields of individual organs of your body, shows differences in electrical potentials. This test is officially recognized in the world of medicine. Doing them, we must realize that we are examining our living energy field in specific body parts. Together, they form the biofield of a living being such as a man, animal, plant, or stone (mainly quartz). The Russian scientist Professor Konstantin Korotkov conducted scientific research on this topic. Based on Kirlan photography and his research, he built a machine (GDV Technology) for measuring the human biofield based on his fingers and the potentials of other living beings, including water.

Another interesting scientific concept is the approach of the British biologist Ruphert Sheldrake, who reintroduced spirit into the world of matter with his views. He believes that, in addition to atoms, it has its morphic field. They have their characteristics - memory, which is exchanged information through morphic resonance. Our body is immersed in such an information field, which, gathering experiences throughout life, changes views or actions, thus modifying its frequency. It affects our quality of life and even our DNA. Doesn't this scientific idea remind you of the Soul concept? Or does it not confirm the old belief that everything around is alive? I remember her appearance was a great shock to the world. For the aware, it is scientific proof. Heresy for scientific minds. For others, it is the basis for creating new therapeutic tools supporting the process of healing people. Let it serve Good!

Sensitive people don't need machines or scientific evidence. Feeling other energy fields is natural. And when you feel strange, it's worth asking yourself: Is what I feel, mine or from the outside? We are like a giant antenna that transmits and receives energies from other fields. We can perceive it through decreased energy, fatigue, strange thoughts, or even body aches. You can also get to know it by staying in places where you feel bad, such as in cemeteries or shopping malls. It's the low-vibrational field of these places that sometimes makes you want to run away from this place. It can also happen when talking to someone, sensing something heavy in his aura. Clairvoyant people can see a colored aura around a person, usually around the head, or an outline of energy around the body of animals or other living beings. It is essential to be aware of the mechanisms of operation of energy fields, including their safety principles. My consultation can help with this.

Clairvoyant people feel the energy. It is enough to look into the eyes of a dog or cat to feel their love. Go out on the balcony or garden and talk to the plants that grow strangely fast from these conversations. Go into the forest and listen to windy stories. Hug a tree that calls us to feel better. Get tired of walking in the mountains to sit on a rock and feel how it strengthens us. Immerse yourself in the water to wash us of excess human dirt. Our Mother Earth is beautiful. She is as alive as we are with her electromagnetic field. Just like her family in Cosmic space. After all, as Master N. Tesla used to say: Everything is energy.

We are Oneness.

The Magical forest on Viking island of Wolin ( previously called Jomsborg ) , Poland,

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