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Discovering energy vampires, or the secrets of human nature.

Life among people is the most fascinating experience for me on this planet. I hope it is for you too 😉The unlimited variety of human characters, or rather the vibrations of their energy fields, means there's no single algorithm for good relationships with people. And that's the real challenge! Your logical mind believes that everyone thinks like you, thinking it's the wisest, but life shows something quite the opposite. That's when a huuuge surprise occurs!

In esoteric knowledge, the concept of an energy vampire appears. Just as in terrifying tales from the past of individuals consuming human blood to live themselves, we can analogously explain the drawing of energy from people by people to survive. It sounds cannibalistic, but it's part of our earthly experience. The law of supply and demand isn't just about economics; it's a principle that applies to every aspect. And as we know, for us Divine Souls experiencing human bodies, it's a lesson in understanding, letting go of negative patterns, and evolving higher.

The causes of energy vampirism, or the drawing of energy from another person without their consent, can be varied. Let's take a closer look at this:

1.       Individuals who are physically or mentally ill or elderly are most commonly the ones consciously or subconsciously drawing energy from others. It is natural when there are energy deficits due to illnesses, meaning the flow of energy in the individual is blocked, and there isn't enough of it in healthy amounts. They compensate by drawing energy from others. Elderly individuals dying naturally have less energy because the soul gradually leaves the body to transition fully to the other side. It's normal for less energy in the body until it ultimately fades away, leading to death. It's essential for us, the aware ones, to holistically heal, not only the body and mind but also to cleanse and strengthen our aura to expedite the process of returning to health or maintaining a stable state. Energy healing practices are highly recommended here. It is the work I mostly do with clients. I am merely a conduit of energy from the Source or God, as others call it. That's my talent. Everyone has their abilities. As I often say, I'm just here to clean up 😍

2.       Actual individuals, draining us as energy vampires, have just lower energy. They live in toxic emotions from levels of envy, fear, resentment, or anger. That's their lifestyle. Additionally, they may use psychoactive substances and have toxic mental beliefs. All these low activities block healthy energy flow in a person. So, since there are deficits, they must be replenished, and the quickest way is to take it from a good person. They can do this in two ways:

  •     By pretending love or friendship or complimenting the person. So that you open your heart chakra, and the vampire can feed on your energy.

  •        By inducing strong but low vibrations in a person, such as anger or fear. Then, they draw energy from us while we are left in low vibrations, feeling irritated or frightened.

In today's world, there's much talk about various emotional disorders, such as psychopathy or narcissism. It shows our psychological and energetic condition as humans in the 21st century. Unhealed programs from this life and past incarnations accumulate in a person, leading to a focus on ego and mind to survive them. It's a struggle for survival in conditions where it's not necessary. It's precisely individuals with such disorders who are the most cunning energy vampires. Focused on themselves, listening to the mind and ego, with blocked heart chakras, disharmonious root chakras, and attachments to strange energies, they are actually their own victims. Despite this, the Matrix shows them as heroes on social media due to the high number of likes.

I wouldn't want to be in their shoes in this life or the next.

For us, the Conscious Ones, it's important not to fear such people. When possible, we avoid their company, and when they appear, we remain in our Power, not allowing them entry. Energy vampires are an interesting lesson in our growth. If they influence you, check where it's coming from. Are you a total victim, or do you also have traits similar to that person, such as narcissism? It looks like a game, who will train whom, meaning who is stronger. You don't live here to be broken down into pieces because someone else desires it. So why do you give your energy? You live here for your fulfillment from the Heart. You have your energy; you respect and need it to create a happy and healthy life.

YOU manage your energy 💪

Sometimes, we resemble that tree. Strong but wounded. Yet, if you take a closer look at that tree, you'll see how its scar takes the shape of wings, perhaps even a heart. Everything serves our good; we need to notice it. Gratitude 💗


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