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Influenza as a Therapist

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

If you deliberately awaken your awareness, it's worth befriending your body and mind. Our energetic part is mysterious and fascinating, but our other states of existence are also attractive, especially if you aim for balance within yourself and a good connection with yourself on every level. The state of harmony and awareness of what is happening within you is the best way to create your new, better life effectively. That's why I highly recommend getting to know yourself from every angle. The ancient maxim "Know thyself," which we can still see in the temple at Delphi in Greece, is still relevant despite the passage of years. Today, we call it self-development or awakening of awareness. For some, it's a waste of time and money; for others, it's a trend. For me it's an absolutely fascinating lifestyle that develops and creates a new quality of my existence.

When you want to understand your body, always remember that it carries subconscious imprints. It is the part of us that places the most emotionally intense events, both good and bad. Looking at ancient cultures on Earth, the ancient Hawaiian wisdom called Huna always knew that a person consists of the subconscious "Unihipili," consciousness "Uhane," and superconsciousness "Aumakua." Identifying our lowest self is where our emotions, survival instincts, and memories of past events are stored. The principle of Oneness, which suggests that we are all energetically connected, clearly indicates that what comes from the subconscious also affects us. The wisdom of ancient civilizations is fascinating. That's why some are so eager to destroy it, along with entire nations, burning their lands and destroying them with wars or technology. Yet it endures.

In civilized Europe, the idea of the subconscious mind emerged in the 19th century, propagated by the Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud. The father of psychoanalysis observed in his practices that suppressed emotions and unresolved problems residing in the subconscious could manifest through physical symptoms, including psychosomatic illnesses. His pioneering ideas laid the foundation for psychoanalytic therapy and influenced the rapid development of modern psychology.

New times, especially during the Earth's transformation, bring various therapeutic tools to release old traumas more quickly and effectively. Now is the best moment to clean up within yourself, including your body. After all, it carries the memory of all your intense experiences. The knowledge of German New Medicine or Total Biology is an excellent source to understand how the connection between the subconscious mind and the body works and also to heal diseases. They posit that illness is the brain's best solution when we can't resolve a problem and try to hide it in the subconscious. It may seem absurd that diseases become a sort of therapist for us, but when you are in shock or a difficult situation, your brain's task is to survive at the biological level of the body.

The proverbial escape into illness provides time to shift the focus to health rather than dwelling on destructive thoughts or emotions. This holistic therapy astutely demonstrates how humans are interconnected vessels, where everything influences everything else.

We already know the history of the idea of the influence of subconscious patterns on the formation of disorders in the body. In that case, it's worth moving on to a specific example. I will use the simplest, but also the most common disorder called a cold or flu. I won't delve into the medical aspect because I'm not a doctor. I look at it from an energetic perspective, so I'm interested in what caused us to enter such a state.

In the spiritual world, there are no diseases; there are only disruptions in the flow of energy in specific areas of the body, which cause what we call disease. For such anomalies to occur, there must be a strong toxic energy triggered by a situation, thought, or state of a person. By toxic, I mean all emotions vibrating below 200 on David R. Hawkins' Scale of vibrations. These include anger, fear, guilt, envy, sadness, apathy, and desire - as you can see, ordinary human states. Certain events in our lives cause them, and the low emotions erupting within us simply damage or energetically block us due to their toxic vibration. How many times have you felt that a negative word can hurt or someone's gaze energetically kills? One must be firmly rooted in Love and grounded to function well in toxic, energetic environments. But why be there in that place?

So, what causes the onset of a cold or even the flu? From my observations, such a state is currently widespread due to the ongoing energetic changes on our planet, which also affect us. We are constantly under fire from high frequencies from the cosmos and the Earth's unstable magnetic field, which is supposed to protect us. These high frequencies are like energetic lasers trying to dissolve what is low-vibrational and toxic within us - our views, thoughts, or emotions. However, humans have free will and decide whether to cling to their narrow-minded worldviews or open up and explore something else.

A prime example here is the energy of fear, which is heavy and destructive. It's a favorite tool of the Matrix lords, who have reinforced their control over us by inventing new global events over the years. Our fears from past traumas or current events are triggered in the process. If you start pondering over these fears, you enter states of being unwell, not just catching a cold but unhealed in the flu.

If someone intimidates you, and you succumb to fear, or your fears are activated due to some incident, a conflict brews in your territory, so your reactions can vary. Look at how the body follows the emotions:

  • Breathing difficulties: Typically, it's bronchial obstruction, meaning I can't breathe in this atmosphere; I'm suffocating, coughing.

  • Blocked sinuses: Something smells terrible to me here; I cleanse myself with a runny nose.

  • Headaches: These are toxic mental beliefs, usually related to convictions about the logic of the existence of fears.

  • Feverish state: Entering a state of anger, fighting to defend oneself, is the healthiest solution during the flu.

  • Muscle pain: Muscles that are supposed to give us a sense of power and resistance against the enemy can indicate physical weakness, express suffering due to a situation, or feel guilt and self-reproach about the situation.

Indeed, each of us is an individual with our own histories and levels of perception. But when you find yourself getting irritated again because you're down with the flu, ask yourself, what are you afraid of now? Every illness is like a Friend showing you what else needs to be removed from your life. Personal development, including cleansing ourselves from toxic patterns within, is the best health prevention.

So, I wish you and everyone else a lot of understanding for yourselves and your processes.

Linga Mudra, Mudra of fire against flu and cold.

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