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Intuition as a Connection with God (Energy of the Ancient Source)

Updated: May 27

Intuition is the direct perception of truth without the intermediary of the senses or the mind. It is the light that emanates from the Self.

Ramana Maharishi

The word comes from the Latin "intueri," meaning to look at or contemplate. Thus, it already gives us a metaphysical resonance. It describes being an observer in life concerning people or situations. Its root suggests that you look at life from within. And there's something to it because seeing can be varied.

Of course, the ancient civilizations of the East and West never had a problem with this concept. In the ancient books of Hinduism, like the Vedas or Upanishads, intuition is linked with spiritual development and following the path of truth (pratyaksha). In Sanskrit, this term means what is before the eyes, a perception similar to the Latin meaning. Master Patanjali, in sutra 1.7, defined pratyaksha (direct perception) as:

Pratyaksha (direct perception): Knowledge gained through direct sensory experience. This is considered immediate and intuitive.

Similarly, Buddhist teachings refer to direct insight or understanding leading to enlightenment. This element guides us in life towards liberation from the illusion of Maya, the illusion of life on Earth.

Over 100 years ago, a pioneer in psychiatry and psychology, Carl Jung, addressed this topic. He boldly stated for his time: 

Intuition does not denote something contrary to reason but something beyond its reach.

Let's also look into the world of modern science. Nobel Prize laureate Daniel Kahneman, in his famous book Thinking, Fast and Slow, divides the thinking process into two ways. The first is fast and intuitive, which can sometimes be flawed. The second is slow and analytical. He brought the idea of intuitive thinking into corporate offices for managing businesses.

Now, let's move on to the practical part for all those awakening their Consciousness. Here are some conclusions from my practice and as someone working with energy:

  1. Do not confuse Intuition with the survival instinct, known as gut instinct. This feeling from the gut concerns your survival. I know there are more nerve cells in the gut than in the brain, but it's a different frequency. It is there to ensure you live, no matter the cost. It is the level of the body.

  2. Anyone with a Soul can feel Intuition. Not everyone in the human body has it. The problem is only in how open your connection to it is. Here, various blockages, black magic, pacts from astral worlds, and your beliefs can block it.

  3. Intuition flows from your Higher Self, a chakra outside your aura located about 15 cm above the top of your head. Blockages that hinder your contact can be found there. The Higher Self is always connected to the energy of the Source. You are a channel of Light, Love, and ... information.

  4. To develop Intuition, it is good to practice meditation, yoga, and breathwork, cleanse your aura, and do everything to keep the body and mind energetically clean. Low energies, eating low-vibration food, negative thinking, speaking, and acting block Intuition.

  5. Intuition can manifest not only as a feeling but also as an inner audible voice. It is always quiet and calm. It never shouts, forces you to do anything, rules, or punishes you to do something. It simply vibrates.

  6. You often recognize it as Intuition by warmth in the Heart chakra and the peace felt within. Feeling through the Heart chakra is an unmistakable sign that it is Intuition.

  7. We learn throughout our lives to trust Intuition anew. Observe yourself calmly as it works within you. If you do not know if it is Intuition, wait. Intend for the Universe to show you the truth. Leave all negative emotions when you want to work with them. The Heart opens the way to it. The longer we practice listening to it, the more confident we become that it is indeed Intuition.

Intuition is now a trendy topic for everyone. I have cited many quotes from various sources describing a phenomenon that cannot be theoretically explained. Each of us has our ways of experiencing it. Personally, I think the quote from Master Ramana at the beginning of the article is close. The most important thing, however, is that YOU have contact with it, nurture it throughout your life, and use it. Intuition is like divine care for souls with the courage to come down to Earth and experience its lessons.

You are never alone. And when you doubt, enter the Heart and feel the warmth of Intuition.

The flow of Intuition can look like it does in this picture, where sunlight is captured streaming through an opening in the roof of the temple in Abydos onto me, Abydos, Egypt.


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