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Talents: Your Gifts for a Better Life on Earth. Personal Growth

Updated: Jan 26

How can I be useful, in what service? There's something inside me, what could it be? Personal Growth

Quote from Vincent van Gogh, who pondered throughout his life about his talents while simultaneously painting, creating hundreds of paintings. The question, which is still relevant for us, living in times of transformation on Earth. Ask yourself often in this way. The role of the Soul in the human body is development through being oneself. When you live by this, you become a part of society that solves problems rather than create their cause. Look at everything that way, and then you will see the truth about people or situations in these intricate times. Personal Growth

As a Spiritual Being, you came here to expand and share your talents with others and the world. You have gathered experience through thousands, maybe millions of years, on other planets and now also on Earth. Every lesson and every practice learned during your life is refined in subsequent incarnations, becoming a karmic talent ready to be shared with others. The next incarnation may require changes in your talents; something needs to be added, something new needs to be learned to utilize it entirely for your and others' development.

Ah! Can you already feel that excitement?

Imagine a Soul incarnating a human body and wanting to experience being a teacher. It has a talent for imparting knowledge, expanding it, and continuously exploring the subject. Perhaps it performed this role on other planets. Very often, such teachers or even priests are beings that have come from Sirius. It begins as a teacher in the schools of ancient Egypt, teaching how to write hieroglyphics on limestone tablets and assigning practical tasks like How many bricks need to be prepared for building a terrace of given dimensions. Then, in ancient Greece, the teacher broadened their knowledge from various philosophical schools and introduced knowledge from natural sciences or the sciences of being a good citizen in a democratic state. Each era has a different teaching style and possesses knowledge up to the present day. The talent remains the same; let's call it teaching, but changing times necessitate openness to deepening one's knowledge and methods of communication. It serves the development of humans and others.

If you want to live consciously and not create new karma for yourself, you also assess whether your work, through your talent, contributes to solving problems or creates problems. You can be a good teacher but preach things that are lies or racism. In this way, you create problems. The history of states ruled by totalitarian systems such as Nazism or communism clearly shows how teachers, under low-vibrational ideas, brainwashed children by the ideology of falsehood. I know this because I experienced it myself. Utilize your talents from the Heart level. Be a development for yourself and others. Now is the time for a new and better world; be a part of it.

It's often the case that we don't know or aren't sure about our talents. It can happen when we've suffered through our talents, been tortured, or lost our lives in previous incarnations. Being in the truth may have once or even now been in opposition to the only right religion, government, or social ideas. Memories of past traumas hidden in the subconscious may still be blocking us from manifesting our talents in real life. Clear it to free yourself from energy blocks. It's also important to seek, act, and evolve. You can always change your interests until you find what you truly love deep in your heart. The worst thing is to do nothing and complain about the world. When you stand still, you're actually going backward. The Soul came here to develop through the body.

Give it a chance!


With talents, it's like in the biblical parable of the wealthy man who entrusted talents to his servants, where "talent" was an ancient name for a valuable currency. One multiplied it, another returned as much as he had received for safekeeping, and the third buried it. So, the question arises:

How are YOU, yes, YOU, dealing with your talents?

Vincent van Gogh " Sower", just like you, you sow words and actions throught your talents.

Personal Growth
Personal Growth



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