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"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."O. Wilde (Self-Identity)

Updated: Jan 26

As many people have many definitions of being oneself, this is an important topic, especially now in times of rapid changes on Earth. Energetically, we all come from the same Source, but each of us has a different path of experiences in the material worlds. In other dimensions, we gained knowledge and learned various skills. It's wonderful because we can enrich ourselves and the world by sharing and developing our talents. That's why we're here. We continually evolve through life in the material world. Self-Identity

On Earth, you are here for various reasons. As a Soul, you separated from the energy of the Source to descend into the material worlds and experience everything that can happen in different frequencies of dense energy. For the most part, we have experiences on other planets or dimensions. Your decision to inhabit a human body is absolutely your choice. The sacred law of free will in the spiritual world always prevails.

The Earth is often referred to as the Matrix. Yes, that film effectively illustrates the energetic intricacies of life here. Ancient texts, such as the Hindu Vedas, similarly speak of the illusion or magic of the physical world, using the term Maya. Modern physics presents us with the hypothesis of Dr. S. James Gates Jr., who has described the earthly world as a computer simulation. It's good to know the game we're playing on this planet. Each world in the cosmos has its own rules. Who knows if they are better than here? So, let's leave the complaints behind and play by our own rules.

One characteristic of The Matrix is forgetting who you were and who you truly are as if you're living as an avatar in a game. You have a body and a mind, with imposed beliefs from external sources (school, religions, society) or based on your own experiences. It is how the system constructs you. The external world strongly wants you to believe this is how things work. You become an avatar of yourself, shaping your lifestyle solely based on the belief that you are just a combination of proteins moved by the mind. However, things get complicated when situations cannot be explained logically.

Yes, as it's happening now. Diseases are emerging for which there is theoretically no cure. Relationships that suddenly turn toxic despite their initial beauty. Good friends who suddenly act like enemies. Unpredictable weather. Unknown epidemics that never existed before. The number of suicides and deaths is increasing. Religions are proving to be more demoralized than ordinary people. Welcome to Earth in times of transformation! To understand this and come out of it intact, you need to connect with the third part of yourself called the soul, which is connected to the Higher Self and linked to the energy of the Source.

 To make that happen, you need to step out of the role of an avatar in The Matrix game. Wisely stepping out means cleansing the body, mind, and aura to establish a connection with yourself on an energetic level from the Source and returning to yourself. There, you have access to all Powers. We have got to this all the time; it's just that we are wrapped in our beliefs, dogmas, toxic emotions, ancestral codes, or past incarnations and under the influence of the ego. What a challenge! Are you navigating through the levels of successive cleansing processes, or are others governing you? The choice is yours.

Being myself means being in tune with my body, mind, and soul to manage my life wisely. When something happens, I seek the best solution on both the material and energy levels. It allows me to access an infinite number of solutions. I also use my talents for the benefit of myself and others. It contributes to my growth and fulfillment. Yes, my mission on Earth is being fulfilled.

 I came here to live in harmony with myself and to feel safe.

Such is the mission of Souls in the material worlds.

Maestro Oscar Wilde sits on a white crystal overlooking his home in Dublin. Did he regret being yourself?


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