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Soul choices or when a part of you wants to experience everything on Earth.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Imagine that you are an energy that feels that anything is possible and that everything is fine.

Let us call this energy Soul. And you don't have to believe it. After all, there is no official evidence of its existence. Our physical eyes do not see it like oxygen in the air, electricity in wires, or the Earth's magnetic field. Naturally, we can measure physical parameters with

appropriate devices, but they were built by the human level of knowledge. And is it

open enough?

However, suppose the Soul exists and would happily like to do something.

You probably watch children sometimes, or you have them yourself, and you notice their inexhaustible energy to look for new experiences and get into them without thinking.

On the one hand, it is so cute, and we admire their unstoppable curiosity and yet, on the other, we are watchful so that they do not get hurt.

It is the way of the Soul, infinite in its curiosity to discover the material world experienced through the human body. To put it in simple human terms, depending on the level of vibration of the Soul, in spiritual realms, it may be dull and even tiring to vibrate in Light and Love constantly. Hence, upon the impulse of its free will, the Soul chooses to descend into the levels of lower frequencies of energy, soul choices. They are material worlds. There may be countless ones on other planets, galaxies, and Earth. The Universe is infinite thanks to a genius design of the energy of creation from the Source. And the Soul is part

of it.

How does it make a choice? Just like a child, with lots of curiosity and often without logic, as we humans could say. Sometimes we look at our life choices and wonder why we have done things we cannot believe. These can be toxic subconscious and mental patterns programs and the will to experience that each Soul has. Often in regression sessions, it suddenly turns out that our choice was simply out of curiosity to know something. Let me mention a random case from a session of mine.

Mark came to me with issues in his relationships with women. It seems typical, but he insisted on discovering why he attracted partners from different social backgrounds. He is a well-educated person from a good family. However, he gravitates towards simple women, even simplistic ones, with poor education and financial trouble. At first glance, nothing may be wrong. Still, such relationships result in emotional damage (heart chakra and emotions, grey energy of depression around his head), financial problems, and discrimination from his family, who consider him a troubled man. In psychological terms, we can state that he has very low self-esteem or unfinished issues in karmic relationships with such women. We could throw in a rescue mission for weaker women, perhaps. Humans are so complex, so the answers to why this keeps happening may be numerous. It was also the case here, but at some point, he just burst out that he was bored with intelligent women, and these were different. They were new to him. Precisely new. Just like a child, his Soul got simply curious about someone completely new and different.

It is essential to understand yourself on the deepest level possible. When you see the cause of the problem, it is much easier to understand yourself and your actions. The Soul lets go of behaviour when it understands and does not have to continue that. She learned and did her homework like a child in school. And just like in everyday life, some repeat their lessons when they enter a spiral of repeating events. That may attract similar partners. Look at the following example.

Ela, an attractive young woman, came to me in a state of emotional disorder and the beginnings of alcohol addiction. Her energy field was full of gaping holes. Low vitality indicated numerous connections to other people, especially in the first and second chakras related to toxic sex and emotional damage. She was shaking like a leaf sitting on the sofa and telling me about her countless partners and their alcohol-fuelled parties. Interestingly, she started with marriage at a very young age and a husband who drank a little. She followed it with a divorce and subsequent search for consolation in the arms of partners with ever higher levels of alcohol addiction. She did not come from a family with such substance abuse issues. While doing breathing exercises and looking for the causes of her tendencies, she admitted that she could deal with them successfully. She said she was strong and could handle anyone and his addiction. She started drinking in the first place to get closer to them, but it got out of hand, and although she said everything was under control, unfortunately, it wasn't.

This simple example shows how often we may get stuck on a loop of situations we don't understand, which multiply and start hurting us. There may appear all kinds of negative emotions, or as we say, low vibrations of anger, jealousy, or the opposite, helplessness and depression. The Soul suffers if you want to put it in human terms, as though it's been trapped and can't see any solution. Just as in Ela's case, the Soul, wanted to learn something new, but the new thing started to harm her in the form of her alcohol addiction.

Curiosity is a human trait that pushes humanity towards the development of civilization on Earth. It is not a bad thing. The Soul, just like every creator, craves action. From a spiritual viewpoint, no experience is toxic. It is merely a lesson in divine creation here on our planet. Will you be able to manifest yourself in any situation in the same way, vibrating at high frequencies and with a conviction that you CAN? It is difficult to achieve this state when we are depressed, in debt, or broken-hearted. Yet, this is what life's lessons are all about. It's about seeing the mechanisms of our toxic behaviors, understanding them, and letting go of them before it is too late. Sometimes this continues through incarnations in the form of karmic family patterns or your own. Let's call it that man is constantly trying to understand something from these experiences , and that will be Enlightenment. The Soul does not know the time, so it is all okay. From our perspective, however, living on Earth is like taking an exam in various life situations.

At this stage, I would love to mention a specific group of Souls who like experimenting with life on Earth best. I mean all the ones who first feel and think only later, and no, it's not kids. Think about all the inspired artists in 19th century France, who were often like children contributing new qualities towards human civilization with visions in their Souls and absinthe in their pockets. They perceived the world through their feelings and without thinking about the consequences. Well, the The Soul remains Light and loving, whatever it is capable of. Our history has seen many people like this, more or less famous. They are often called lunatics or crazies. It is because when we have a great connection with our Soul, the world of matter does not matter much.

Soul choices imagery
Vincent van Gogh "Starry night"

Vincent van Gogh - Starry night - Seek only light and freedom and don't immerse yourself too deeply in the wordly mire.

Of the already existing matter seems like it could be more attractive. It is much more interesting to create new things and events to develop. And so, coming to this world, we too learn our lessons in this matter, in dignity, in the role of a good parent or boss. Keep your body, mind, and spirit in harmony. And when you start to feel negative emotions, ask yourself:

- What do I need this situation for?

- What does it offer me? Why is it beneficial?

- What am I supposed to understand and learn from it?

- Does it help me develop?

Be aware of your behavior, and you can consciously create your life and build it better. You can get out of karmic traps. You can learn your life lessons and suffer no more. You have come here with your Soul full of joy. It is the highest form of vibration in this dimension. And when you get lost in conversations with yourself, feel invited to consult me because I have great experience of my own and other people's life lessons, understood and managed well.

This is how it is with those who feel first.

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