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The astral world, or multidimensional life.

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Your Consciousness can be anywhere. In the physical body, in the mind, out of the body, or in the universe. One of its means of transportation is your astral body. We are multidimensional, so nowadays, astral travel or out body experience does not surprise anyone and is not a mystical secret only for the initiates. The times of transformation on Earth open up in human beings their cosmic potential to experience who they really are. They feel the divine, infinite energy now experienced in the earthly bodies and still have cosmic potential. The feeling of this brings us a different point of view of ourselves and the outside world, without any cultural or scientific dogma.

The knowledge that there are other worlds besides the one we live in here and now is as old as this Earth. The beginning of our civilization was created by beings from other planets, themselves from different dimensions. The simplest example of belief in the existence of the astral world is the tradition of burying the dead. Why is the burial for most people a special event, a kind of holiday? Is it only out of respect for the person, or maybe we have a memory that when a person goes to another world, you need to support him with a prayer for a good way on the other side, and maybe even secretly give him something he used to like very much.

In the Hindu tradition, the multiverse theory was also something absolutely natural. The process of formation described in the holy book Bhagavad Gita (3rd - 2nd century B.C.) may seem crazy to us at first glance, starting with the separation of material Universes coming out of the pores of Machavishnu's body, which develop and then end their lives. This symbolic description, however, contains many features in common with modern knowledge of astronomy.

Belief in multiverses, including the astral worlds, was carried by all ancient civilizations. Shamanic practices, all forms of magic and rituals, and rites of burial of the dead are the best proof of faith in the existence of something other than just our life here. Modern religions, from the wisdom of their ancestors, have chosen what is convenient for them to prove their dogmas.

And we feel…

Modern science has no official evidence or mathematical algorithms that directly prove the existence of the astral world. However, I will mention one of my favorite American physicists, scientist Dr. Hugh Everett III, who first put forward the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics. Unfortunately, the world of science was not ready for such a thesis. So the young scientist gave up his career at the university and moved to work at the Pentagon. His hypothesis assumes that everything that can happen must happen from some branch of reality. It looks like a tree of life with expanding branches that appear with every choice we make in life. Hence, infinite copies of ourselves can perform deeds in different worlds (branches). Physicists later returned to his controversial idea to agree with it today, expanding with other theses of parallel worlds in universes. It is good that multiverses show up in science.

So, let's go back to the clairvoyance point of view. Each of us comprises a physical, astral, and spiritual body. There are many definitions on this topic. I want to show my version. The astral layer is as if between the Higher Self and the physical body. The subtle body combines emotions, thoughts, ideas, programs from previous incarnations, curses, and cords of connections with other worlds, people, or events. It contains everything you have experienced emotionally and mentally, your beliefs through incarnations, and everything others have put into your energy through rituals, science, or black magic. Imagine you are wrapped in a great coat of such a collection of thoughts, emotions, and other energy codes. It can vibrate high when woven with positive thoughts or joyful feelings. Or you are weighed down by low-vibrational fear energies or negative views about life on Earth. You will not create a better life with a heavy coat because it will constantly limit you. Energy cleansing is precisely the work on the level of the astral world. It is about seeing what multiverse you're still stuck in, which is what you're supposed to understand and help you free yourself from. Consulting with me can help you with this. An observer standing to the side is always more effective. It is how I see the astral body that everyone with a Soul has. The astral world is similar. It looks like the tree from Everett's hypothesis. Each branch is like your misunderstood lesson from this or past life. A piece of your Soul is stuck, waiting for you to understand the situation. You will release it from this place, and she will return home to Source. Of course, when you astral travel, you visit the multiverses of other relatives or strangers. Without a physical body, you can do anything on this journey. It's like playing a computer game. Where you really have to be a strong player not to be misled. Each of these infinite worlds is different and governed by different ones laws. Not everything you see there is true here and now. It is real in that world. Just as we learn life on Earth, we understand our lesson in the astral. According to the law: As above, so below we should consciously manage our astral part. It is neither completely evil nor good. It depends on the level of Consciousness. What kind of energy coat do you want to wear? Do you still want to leave the rotten black magic buttons just in case and the dirty red color of the Spartan warrior for astral fights? However, are you interested in the lightness, lined with the joy of a pink cape? There is always time to change clothes, which can be sewn differently. It's up to you.

And for those still doubting the existence of multiverses, an anecdote from Dr. Hugh Everett III. After years of scientific banishment, Bryce DeWitt, theoretical physicist and editor-in-chief of the journal, published Everett's thesis in full. But he had doubts. He wrote to Everett saying he "doesn't feel split" (quantum multiverse theory says we experience many worlds). The master replied that the critics of Copernicus also said they could not feel themselves moving through the heavens.

Yes! Everything is a matter of our open mind. Observe yourself, your dreams, and astral travel. The best tool for this is meditation, lucid dreaming, yoga Nidra or breathwork. They allow you to safely control your astral travel states and keep your astral mantle perpetually light and ethereal. And that's what life is supposed to look like!

Take a look at the photographed Being from another dimension during the Bealtaine Fire Festival ceremony on 06.05.23 Uisneach, Ireland. Michał, thank you for sharing the photos.

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