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About Me 

My Story

About Ana

My name is Ana. I was born into a family gifted with spiritual talents. It helped me grow up safely
being a sensitive person in such a complex and complicated world. What made me believe in my gifts,
however, was both my son's serious medical condition and my own that I had to deal with and go through.
I succeeded in that. Now I know that was all a lesson in my growth. Well, those who see and feel more
always have a non-standard but challenging life.
I graduated in finance, and during my career, I have learned the principles governing the matter in The
Matrix. Everything is Energy. The world of finance is, as well. Anyway, my heart called me to use my
spiritual gifts to help people, especially with the experience of my life difficulties, approached holistically
and dealt with successfully.

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If you want a better future you must change your present moment.

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Since 2000, I have worked as a clairvoyant with the channelling method. I am able to see more than the average person. It gives me insight into various life situations to find the best possible solutions. As a Spiritual Healer, I unblock the channels and free the energy flow in us. It helps to restore a natural balance inside and, hence, outside of us. It brings the understanding of the circumstances from another perspective, free from toxic patterns.

Holistically speaking, we are composed of the body, the mind, and the spirit. My healing treatment helps to restore and keep the balance between them. After all, our lives are about balancing between the Earth and Heaven without losing the spirit in the material body.

Moreover, I constantly develop my natural talents and expand my knowledge in relevant fields, supporting my work. These areas are Recall Healing, Dowsing, Vedic Art, Energetic Hypnosis, the Huna knowledge, the Silva Method, and Breathwork. I am a certified Healing Master and Certified Hatha/Vinyasa RYT 200 hours and 30 hours Yin Yoga. In times of transformation on planet Earth, it is important to awaken your awareness of being the best version of yourself. I am here to inspire you to return to the right path toward your fulfillment.

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Geraldine, Ireland 

Ana was able to help heal me at a very deep level. She was able to tap into the central core of my being to help clear my bio energy field to alleviate physical issues and negative energy that was weighing me down. Her treatment was able to make me feel lighter and elevated. She has an amazing ability to heal me that doctors couldn't heal or even begin to understand. Her sessions elevated my energy to help me feel confident and energetic enough to deal with all the difficulties that life can bring. Her healing work focuses physically, mentally and on a soul level to remove negative energy and anything that does not serve you. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much Ana.

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