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 I am a powerful, multidimensional Spiritual Being.
Scan Aura


The definition of 'aura,' as described in Wikipedia, is a field of luminous, multicolored radiation around a human body, animal, or any object.' In contrast, in some esoteric literature, the aura is described as a "subtle body." Psychics and holistic medicine practitioners often claim to be able to see an aura's size, color, and type of vibration.

I perceive everything as energy. As a seer, I can scan a person's energy field, animal, place, house, or office during an individual consultation.

We human beings are so powerful! We have 114 energy centers, known as chakras, and over 72 thousand meridians or nadas, referred to as canals of energy flow.

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, is based on energy flow within a living being.

When I scan a person's energy field of a person, I can see all of the discord and blockages within their chakras. Energy blockage can be serious, affecting further movement, like a traffic jam on a motorway. Each blockage of free energy flow leads to a reduction of energy in any particular corresponding chakra organ. And this, over time, leads to illness.

The reasons for such blockages can be various: karmic, past trauma, and toxic impacts from our surroundings. Being a clairvoyant helps me accurately identify the root cause of any particular blockage so that I can cleanse them. This can also be helpful in conventional medicine and psychotherapy.

The energy fields of places, such as haunted houses, can also be scanned to cleanse them of negative energies, freeing this environment and helping the souls of the dead to leave, to join the Energy of the Source.


The Nadis map. You can see chakras in colour yellow. The seven main chakras are located on the main channel Sushumna.

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View in front of the Hindu temple of the Goddess Shakti near the Holly Mountain Arunachala, where two intertwining snakes symbolize Ida and Pingala. At the top, the cobra symbolizes enlightenment through the harmonious flow of these two
energies, masculine and feminine.

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