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I am safe when I work in an energetic way
Clean Energy Flow




The course of any individual session depends on the problem you encounter.

We often talk about a current situation that may cause you to feel stuck in your life or may have triggered an intense emotional response. Most of the time, the root cause of someone's situation is more profound, such as past traumas, experiences from previous incarnations, ancestral patterns, or the energetic influence of others (curses, black magic, etc.).


I observe the body's physical response as experiences and emotions are engaged. These evident sensations will lead me to understand what is hidden within the subconscious, such as fear. During an individual session, I scan your aura, identify the root cause, and then use channelling information from the Highest Self, which is connected with the Energy of the Source, to discover more and the best ways to resolve the situation.


When we become stuck in the wheel of karma, we experience the same situation for incarnations. Everything is happening for you, not to you.

Once the source of the problem is known, we try to understand and free ourselves from any toxic, debilitating traumas and emotions associated with it.


We finally can find release, and karmic patterns cease holding any power over us, meaning we are released from the wheel of karmic behaviour. This process is accompanied by the feeling that you have peace of mind and that your chakras are now aligned.


In my work, I use breathing techniques such as past life regression, harmonising energy, and feeling grounded and connected to The Source. The process is supported by my energetic work, which clears and harmonizes the flow of your field of energy.

For us Spiritual Beings here on Earth, each challenging situation that comes to us is simply a lesson.


Consciousness and self-awareness are crucial for healing and growth.

I am what is known as a 'lightworker,' working according to the client's own TRUE free will and for the highest good of all.

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It is a Healing treatment in my workshop. I work with pure Light from the level of the Heart.

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My photo from Karnak Temple, Egypt, shows a healing treatment performed by the ancient Egyptian god's Thot and Horus. Ankh crosses mark the line of the aura.

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Magic & Life Changing Literature 

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KSIAZKA ANGIELSKA (1)_edited.jpg

15 Euro 

Ana Kiestrzyn
Life in Times of Change

15 Euro

Ana Kiestrzyn
Leben in Zeiten der Transformation

15 Euro

Ana Kiestrzyn
Życie w czasach transformacji
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