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 I am a mirror for people and people for me.


The self-development workshops I run are meetings for people who have decided to improve their lives by expanding their consciousness. The group acts like a good mother raising a child, supporting the development of the individual, speeding up the process, and making it more profound. We spend several days working in a secluded place, where we work using various techniques: singing, dance, yoga, pilates, Qigong, breathing techniques, energetic work, and meditation.

In these current times, when the transformation can happen so quickly, we focus on the efficiency of the therapies. Long-term therapies, lasting for years, are a thing of the past.
One needs to find the best therapies and tools working for the individual. Think about the life you have in front of you. It is easier to live it being in balance and peace with the Self.

The last workshop I organized took place in June 2022. The subject: "New Earth, New Me, I leave behind the old and welcome the new," and this subject is always relevant. We danced, sang, exercised, and worked with our energies for four days. It was one of the best times spent during that year.  

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I pass on knowledge at the workshop that makes you work with energy safely.

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Take care of your physical body through its activity.

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15 Euro

Ana Kiestrzyn
Life in Times of Change

15 Euro

Ana Kiestrzyn
Leben in Zeiten der Transformation

15 Euro

Ana Kiestrzyn
Życie w czasach transformacji
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