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 I am protected and supported
by the Divine Universe.  
Self Development


My life experiences have taught me that constant change is the only constant in life.
I have hit a wall many times. However, I have achieved personal growth by not giving up and believing that problems can be overcome. My process of change is still ongoing, and I do not regret a minute of what I've been through to be where I am today.

Soul energy never sits still. It is in constant movement. It cannot be destroyed, turned off, or hidden. It is up to us alone how conscious we are and how much of a connection we have with our Soul. We can continually transform energy to raise the vibrations to a higher plane, with positive results in our life. We are Body, Mind, and Spirit. Being in harmony with our natural balance always brings the best solutions for our lives. If you feel stuck or challenged in your current life situation, negative responses have been triggered, and conventional methods do not work, it is time to look to your Soul.

As a Spiritual Guide, I can help in communicating with the Soul. The Soul is a part of the Cosmic Wisdom of the Universe, also called 'The Source.' Connecting and communicating with one's Soul helps find solutions for the most challenging situations. Each challenge can be an opportunity for growth. It is up to you whether you remain stuck in suffering or keep searching for solutions and ways to help yourself.

I describe in my book in chapter 'Present” solutions for present time.

I rely on my experience working with myself and with people and the knowledge gained from channeling to inspire people in their personal growth. I teach various safe techniques for working with energies to support developing potential spiritual skills such as intuition and clairvoyance.

I teach how to work with crystals, lucid dreaming, yogic pranayamas, and other more contemporary techniques of breathwork. And most of all, meditation is the simplest way to connect to the True Self and the Light within us.

There are many methods for developing consciousness. Take the time to consider which is the best for you right now, to take you from where you are to where you would like to be.

The comfort zone is only good for comfort, but there is no room there for personal development. 

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Food has vibes. Choose it with your Heart. You are what you eat.

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Meditation is the basic tool for working with your energy.

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Transformation Books

Magic & Life Changing Literature

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15 Euro

Ana Kiestrzyn
Life in Times of Change

15 Euro

Ana Kiestrzyn
Leben in Zeiten der Transformation

15 Euro

Ana Kiestrzyn
Życie w czasach transformacji
KSIAZKA ANGIELSKA (1)_edited.jpg
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