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Animals, our lesser brothers

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Only on Earth will you experience communion with the unlimited diversity of the animal world. Energies from various dimensions of the Cosmos come here to boldly experience life in the densely packed bodies of animals on this planet. They may evolve further to enter the human body later on. Or they will transfer their experiences from here to other worlds. The Cosmos is boundless. Living on Earth, we, Homo sapiens, have a lesson to learn about how to live wisely on one planet among many beings with a different vibration than ours, such as animals or plants. Each of us has our karma with the world of animals. It doesn't matter whether you like them or not; what matters is that you do not harm them and healthily cooperate with them. So, think when you hurt them that, you are also harming yourself. We are Oneness !

Where did these beings on Earth come from? Can one believe in Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, which, however, has missing links in the chain of changes, not to mention the not entirely explainable origin of ourselves as Homo sapiens? It's worth noting that all accounts from ancient traditions, such as Hinduism, Australian Aboriginal beliefs, or Native American traditions, mention the creation of animals by Higher Beings, by the Great Spirit, or even by gods. In the Christian tradition, in the Genesis section, there is a description of the world's creation over seven days. Interestingly,birds and other aquatic animals are created on the fifth day. On the sixth day, the remaining animals are created along with humans, as an element of the completion of this planet.

Similarly, even older Sumerian texts, as mentioned in another article of mine, such as the creation myth 'Enuma Elish' or the ancient soap opera in the epic 'Enki and Inanna,' expressly point out that the god responsible for the creation and modification of most animals is one of the sons of Anu, known as Ea, Enki, or, in Egyptian, Ptah, and Greek, Zeus. It is also mentioned that many races of animals were brought from other planets to serve humans in their lives. They underwent genetic modifications here on Earth to assimilate into terrestrial conditions fully. It can be seen in the case of Egyptian gods. Over time, the only sister of Enlil and Enki and the daughter of Anu, standing very high in the Anunnaki constellation race, known in Sumerian as Ninhursang, was already called Hathor in Egypt as the mother of humans, who provided them with cattle. She is often depicted with a cow's face. It's worth noting other deities also represented with animal heads. It is how their cosmic origin is depicted. Earthlings their different appearance was associated with animals. I suspect that the aliens in their worlds had a normal appearance. A representative of the avian race is the wise Thoth with the head of an ibis and the warrior Horus with the head of a falcon. Another exciting example is Anubis, with the head of a jackal, which lives in the desert. Look up at the sky and check the names of the star constellations hanging above our planet. You'll find a dog, an eagle, a horse, and other animals. We simply came from the stars.

That's why when you look at animals, you can feel the Cosmic energy in them. Just because they are not like you doesn't mean they are inferior; you can do anything to them. Notice how good therapists are for people with disorders that leave our knowledge helpless. Accept their individuality. You, too, may seem strange to other people.

From an energetic perspective, the hierarchy of Souls and their evolution is worth mentioning here. It was aptly summarized by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, who describes animal souls as energies with a lower level of consciousness than those found in humans. It's about the level of connection with the Source energy and whole free will. They are still growing to experience this fully. They evolve by experiencing life here and drawing their own conclusions from it. It is their spiritual journey.

And when you know that inside the body of your beloved dog, cat, or parrot, a being from the Cosmos resides, live well with it. Animals perform not only physical tasks. They are multi-dimensional energies, and out of love for you, they also perform invisible work for your benefit. They are natural energy radiators. They have the gift of clairvoyance, so sometimes they gaze at the ceiling or a corner, seeing a ghost or another entity invisible to us. Out of love for us, they take on human illnesses energetically. Then, they become ill and pass away because of it. Thank this being for its love for you. Has anyone ever made such a sacrifice for you?

Also, remember that animal souls reincarnate, so maybe your kitty is now a puppy or vice versa. You'll recognize them by the same habits as their predecessor. My previous dog never brought the ball to my feet. The current cat does the same, albeit in a dog-like way - fetching! It is the evolution of animal Souls. And when you recognize the little Soul in the new body, hug them tightly and thank them for their return to your life. You are important to them!

In times of change on Earth as a planet, we observe the extinction of some animal species resulting from human egoism linked to the pursuit of money. It pains the hearts of the sensitive, but remember, energy never truly disappears. You may encounter these species on new lands, perhaps only in dreams or during conscious astral journeys. They move to new, better conditions on other planets where they can live peacefully. And when we complete this earthly mission of experience, having understood everything and being free from worldly debt, we will settle on a new Earth and joyfully meet past species, perhaps in new forms

Animals have a mission to open human hearts, and that's why I, as a human, love them so much!

As a human being, I can choose what I eat. I choose what is free from harm. I don't eat meat.


why I, as a human, love them so much!

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