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By awakening your Consciousness,

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Each of us has his own time and path to awaken his awareness of the Unity of body, mind, and spirit. Most of the people of the Western world are subject to the commands of the intellect. Some have stronger contact with the body and live according to what emotions want. Others rely on their feelings while living in their unreal world. To get to know yourself fully, you need to be in contact with each of these parts and use their full potential. This is how geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci or Nikola Tesla work, where spiritual laws are mixed with brilliant scientific theories.

A trendy concept now is spiritual development, i.e., returning to your energetic feeling and contact with your Soul. Most people are delighted with this idea, especially since, in these times of transformation, high frequencies naturally power the Earth and affect people by awakening their spiritual talents spontaneously. However, when you consciously work with yourself, difficulties appear in your life because suddenly, life can slip out of old arrangements and your control. It's like opening a dusty treasure chest, and you don't quite know what's in there or how to use it, but your eyes light up, and you already have your expectations. And spiritual talents, with their high vibration, begin to affect you and your life completely differently than you would like. And this is where things can start to get challenging...

How many people, so many ways of spiritual development. We have different experiences from previous incarnations and other characters and can develop differently. When looking for tips for yourself, it is worth being open and searching. My saying is: Never say never. What is suitable for some may not be good for you. Each of us is different. Be open, ask, and keep looking. You are your Master, and the outside world is just an inspiration. The wise Universe steps in when you stop along the way or step aside from your path. Some situations or people inspire you to decide what you choose in life quickly. Will it be development, or will it stand still, i.e., going backward? No time to stop now. Now is the best time to develop.

There is a belief that spiritual development will give you eternal happiness, money, and peace, all at once without anything. I'm going to sit next to God; he'll provide me with everything, and I don't have to do anything. It sounds like a memory from past lives where knowledge of the ancient gods brought people benefits in food and security. It was enough then to sing nicely or praise him. Unfortunately, human naivety and comfort still cling to this image, wondering why God does not listen to their prayers. And yet he is in us, so who do you really adore?

Anyone who consciously develops knows that this path is often turbulent and dark. Full of sleepless nights and swings of emotions from crying to children's joy. It can bring disease because releasing old toxic patterns also removes them from the body. My experience with cancer was just because of healing my sick views about being in a relationship. Understanding this brought me healing. People can lose property or families because they no longer fit in. They choose what they feel and follow their own path. Often there is madness or even experiencing psychiatric disorders. It is the old demons that come out of man. On your way, you have to look honestly into your darker side and dissolve it with complete understanding. Then there are positive life changes.

Most people are afraid of their development because they don't know what's going to happen. They don't want to confront each other. They avoid meeting their own shadow. The comfort zone is comfortable, but as the name suggests, it is not development. It's human but unprofitable in the long run. Therefore, if you have become entangled in the meanders of your life, we can look at it safely together in consultation with me, by awakening your consciousness.

I have been working consciously with myself all the time since 2000. Then I had a significant breakdown of Consciousness. I regret nothing during these years, neither serious illnesses, lost relationships, or money. Those were the lessons I learned, and I am grateful for them. Here and now, I am moving on, open to positive changes in myself and my life. I recommend this trip...

Walking on Black Desert, Egypt 2021

Anna Kiestrzyn, a holistic coach, walking on the Black Desert in Egypt. Awakening consciousness.
Anna Kiestrzyn and awakening consciousness

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