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There are no coincidences or what regressing shows. Exploring past lives.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

We can look at the events that happen in our lives in different ways because as many people there are, as many viewpoints on a given fact we have. While rationalizing, we believe that is the only infallible method to solve life's challenges. Rationalization is often efficient, and I do not want to deny the point of the existence of the mind. What happens, however, if the intellect cannot find an effective solution or identify the causes of a problem? When our biological computer crashes without any logical answers, we need to find solutions beyond that.

Looking at the world holistically, the human is one in the body, the mind, and the spirit. My goal is to inspire people to get to know themselves better and connect with themselves on each level. It is we who are the holy Trinity here on Earth. For thousands of years living here, we have grown used to being only in the realm of our mind. Whatever can be logically explained, measured, and weighed is safe for our brains. It is so comfy. Humans, as part of our animal nature, like comfort zones. And yet, this state of complacency may turn out deadly in life-threatening situations or illnesses. Sadly, the human ignorance that Buddha taught about, among others, a lack of awareness of our actions, is still present in the modern world. Despite technological advances, space flights, and the development of AI, people of today are not in contact with themselves. Some believe it is useless and focus on the outside world and actively participate in it. They trust it is the only true world, so they serve it. However, when times of personal crisis come or challenges with their relatives, and this adored world outside cannot help, the question arises: how come?

The human race should not be identified only with the mind, as we have been trained to think for ages. We are multidimensional beings whose complexities give us our uniqueness. We come from one Source, where the Souls come from, but our past lives shape us differently on every level.

Have you ever wondered why you have this constitution, eye color, or history of illness and not any other? We could explain all that with genetics. So why is it, then, that some children do not at all take after their parents? (We exclude the postman's visit naturally, tongue in cheek). The will of the Soul often defines your physical shape depending on your karmic plan for this incarnation. It is called a karmic body.

How do you explain talents suddenly appearing in families where they never existed before? Is that genetics again, or have skills learned in a past life transferred onto this one? How many people are born into families of doctors or lawyers and do not show any talents for their ancestral professions at all. Instead, they want to be artists. This may be accidental or a passion from another lifetime that needs to be completed in this one.

Why do our children keep repeating toxic stories in relation to others or fall into financial trouble just as somebody in the family did in the past? Bert Hellinger's family constellations correctly use the term transgenerational trauma to describe the energy of suffering in the family. From the spiritual level, we could also label a karmic curse, a karmic family pattern.

Why do you attract people who do not match you in romantic relationships? Is it the result of your low self-esteem or your karmic promises, energetic cords, and Soul contracts that keep you subconsciously with a given person?

And where do all the ideological fanatics come from with their rigid dogmas and plain cruelty? Is it only the result of their brainwashing in this life or a karmic lesson of paying tribute to old beliefs of the past - a lesson still to be learned? As a seer, I can tell their soul pieces are stuck in the astral world of toxic ideas.

There are countless questions regarding various illogical situations and other people's, or even our behaviours, which we do not understand. There may be many solutions to those, as I mentioned before. Yet, when you look for an efficient method to solve a problem or ask "Why?" let yourself be open to new possibilities for solving them. I offer to go deeper into the past, exploring past lives, which may be like a hologram full of toxic patterns that still influence our lives from the subconscious plane. Nowadays, in times of transformation, we have lots of useful tools to do so. A regressing session carried out safely may bring instant healing.

There are no coincidences. There can only be ignorance, which continues to be the root of suffering, or a conscious choice to find the best solution. Well, this choice is yours :)

I invite you to take a look at my page about regression sessions here, and also, I invite you to make contact with me here.

Please take your time and take a look at my other blogs about regression, such as this one here.

Sunrise on The Black Desert, workshop on the way 2021, Egypt.

Exploring past lives. Regression therapy workshops.
Sunrise on the Black Desert, Egypt.

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