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The Alchemist, or the Modern Magician

A person referred to as an alchemist, magician, or wizard might sound old-fashioned, but it immediately subconsciously impresses us. It's a human archetype of a person who can do it all, maybe not entirely from this planet. He'll satisfy every one of our desires, from love to wealth. On one hand, it stirs up admiration; on the other hand, fear because if they can do everything, they could also harm us. This concept is as old as the hills and appears in all cultures. In today's changes on Earth that awaken human consciousness, we're circling back to this term, stepping into the role of the conscious creator of our lives. After all, that's alchemy, too—being the wizard of your own life.

People with supernatural powers were originally called magicians, shamans, or sorcerers. This name originates from Persian times and refers to ancient temple priests who acted as astronomers, mathematicians, and physicians in ancient Babylon. Interestingly, this profession was exclusively for men. In ancient times, political correctness looked different, so that powerful women couldn't bear the title "magician." They were either called witches because they possessed knowledge or enchantresses because they practiced enchantment. A specific hierarchy was applied here as if Power was reserved solely for men.

The most popular Magician is Merlin, who inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to create the literary character Gandalf, representing the author's views. Amidst the flurry of action and characters depicted in his books, what's interesting is how he portrays the evolution of his beliefs and way of life through the transformation of Gandalf the Grey into Gandalf the White Wizzard. Understanding that one can wield white magic based on justice and compassion is a significant process. Instead of utilizing power depending on one's emotions or thoughts, which creates gray energy, there is a distinction here between using power for purposes of the dark side, i.e., black magic, the white side aligned with the Light, and the gray side, which involves a mix of truth and falsehood depending on the mixed intentions of the magician, as often seen in the New Age movement. However, let's respect all those who, over millennia of Earth's existence, contributed to maintaining the belief that it's possible to manage energy to construct one's own life, even here on Earth.

Medieval Merlin gained fame as the advisor to King Arthur and his knights associated with the magical realm of Avalon. He had a practical approach to life but intricately linked it with the principles of energy. Merlin taught magic to Morgan le Fay (Morgan the Fairy) so that she could teach other chosen women. He extensively worked with the energy of elements and nature, utilizing them for his purposes. He was versatile, and unlike others in his field, he held no biases against the Power of women. However, Avalon lost its way through human emotions and desire. There is a common lesson for people of Power on this planet – they tend to scatter their divine talents. It leads to delving even deeper into the realm of karma, and then, for years, they learn to consciously emerge from their downfall. This Earth is a profound school for Souls.

The history of this world knows many alchemists who combined knowledge from chemistry, mysticism, and philosophy in their practice. While residing at royal courts across the globe, they had to meet the boundless expectations of their rulers. Their most important work was transmuting ordinary metals into noble ones, usually involving the transformation of lead into gold, which was meant to contribute to the royal treasury. Another task from their extensive list of duties was to ensure rulers' health and good fortune. They had a particular desire for elixirs that could extend life or even bring immortality. They utilized natural herbal blends for healing, astrologically examined the positions of stars and planets to advise in the best way possible, and employed hermetic energetic principles to enhance their work.

They also served as partners in philosophical and esoteric discussions, opening people's minds to something beyond the prevailing religious dogmas.

It must be acknowledged that their scope of work was greatly expanded. Under the patronage of Elizabeth I at the English court, the alchemist John Dee, a mathematician, even tried to create a perpetual motion machine intended to operate indefinitely in defiance of classical laws of physics. Count St. Germain, an alchemist with immense knowledge and a suspiciously long life, was associated with the French and German courts. He became famous, among other things, for his ability to appear in multiple places simultaneously, which we would call bilocation today. This phenomenon is more commonly attributed to yogic masters than a man in a velvet tailcoat and white laces. As can be seen, alchemists combined mystical knowledge with logical understanding, drawing valuable conclusions from it for their noble patrons.

During the Earth's magnetic pole reversal, humans are also undergoing a similar process. It involves the evolution of our self-perception and perception of the external world in alignment with higher values, much like the Earth's vibrations above. There's no coincidence here. This planet is concluding its cycle, known as the Age of Pisces, and naturally entering the Age of Aquarius. Physically, Earth and the Solar System are approaching the central point of the Galaxy, which brings about physical changes on the planet, influencing us as well. Everything is in constant motion. The frequency of Earth's vibrations is increasing, raising its vibration. There is a process, and we are a part of it, too. We feel the changes within ourselves, among loved ones, and in the world. How we approach them is our choice. The matter is simple: what is false, based on low vibrations, falls apart. The Earth's heightened vibration causes processes of returning to higher vibrations within ourselves, just as the planet does. We're stepping out of the role imposed on us by the Matrix, experiencing life as either victim or oppressor. We're embracing the role of the Alchemist, transforming ourselves and our lives. It isn't the tale of Merlin anymore; these are facts about people who've already done it and others who, awakening, have stepped onto the right path and continue to follow it, much like the planet in its magnetic pole reversal.

Be grateful to your Soul for living right now. Thanks to this, you can return to yourself based on higher values. Everything that happens to you on this journey can elevate you or keep you in your ego. The choice now belongs to you.

Let's take a look at the basic principles of being an Alchemist during Earth's transformation, in other words, how to effectively manage the energy of thoughts, body, and Soul:

  1. Stay connected with your body. Read your body through emotions, sensations, or even illnesses. Respond to its signals healthily, following the principle: My body - My temple. Physically care for your body, including exercise, healthy eating, and rest. Remember that the body is subconscious, and not all its signals are developmental.

  2. Maintain a connection with the mind. Primarily, be aware of when a thought originates from within and when it's externally foreign. The mind is like an antenna, receiving and transmitting stimuli. Not all thoughts are yours. Keep your mind clear and develop it creatively.

  3. Sustain a connection with the Soul. Know how to maintain a healthy energy flow within yourself. Avoid toxic places, people, and emotions.

  4. Conclude action based on signals from the body, mind, and Soul. Manage yourself by knowing and maintaining contact with yourself.

  5. Create your life in harmony with yourself. It involves your professional work, relationships, and personal happiness based on a sense of fulfillment. Utilize your own talents for this. You are free in this endeavor.

  6. Have a sense of self-worth based on believing you can handle anything life throws at you. It isn't rooted in ego but in the conviction that the Universe supports you, and you feel which path to take. You are open to it.

Each of us has a unique life story, the current one and those from past incarnations—different lessons to understand and for personal growth. The Soul has a natural tendency for experience, development, and expansion. It's a part of us. We also have everything we can experience as humans here – the mind and body with their limitations and possibilities. All of this together forms us here and now. It's a beautiful experience. That's why it's worth leaving behind what burdens us and creating our new, positive life here. Just as our planet continues to journey forward, we evolve with it, onward and upward.

Such is the Universe, forever in motion.

The magician Merlin in his white robe as a druid holding the newborn King Arthur in his arms, Emil Johan Lauffer |Merlin presenting the future king Arthur,

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